How the Waitlist Strategy Led to a Sold-Out Subscription Box Launch

blog Mar 03, 2024

Discover how Launch Your Box member Cathy used the waitlist strategy I teach inside the membership to sell out her subscription box launch in 24 hours!  


Sometimes we hear something once, take it in, and take action. More often, we need to hear or see something more than once before we take action. But when that action is taken, when the lesson or advice is taken and implemented, a lot of times success follows. That’s exactly what happened when Launch Your Box member Cathy followed the waitlist strategy I teach inside the membership. 

It’s the same waitlist strategy I use in my own subscription box business. The plan that allowed me to maintain my subscriber count for more than two years without launching.  



I’ve taught more than 4,000 students inside Launch Your Box. And I’ve run a highly successful, multi-million dollar subscription box business for several years. I tell you this not to brag - that’s not my style - but to let you know that what I teach here in this blog, on my podcast, on my public Facebook and Instagram pages, and yes, inside Launch Your Box, is proven. Proven to work. Proven to lead to success. 

So when Cathy Schwartz, owner of the Luxury Loops subscription box posted about her sold-out launch inside the group, I knew I had to find out more. I loved hearing all about her launch story and I know you will, too. There’s a lot to learn from Cathy! 


Cathy’s subscription box journey   

Some of us turn to reality TV and ice cream when we’re stressed. Not me, of course. But some people do. Then there are those people who do something constructive to deal with stress. People like Cathy. 

Cathy’s subscription box journey started when she learned to make wreaths and work with ribbon as a way of dealing with the stress that came with her corporate career. 

Cathy fell in LOVE with ribbon, particularly high-end, designer ribbon. Soon, Cathy learned that she wasn’t alone in her love for luxury ribbon - there were a lot of people who wanted to learn how to decorate with this type of high-end, designer ribbon.




It wasn’t long before Cathy decided to take her passion for and knowledge of luxury ribbon and launch a monthly subscription box called Luxury Loops. She also started a private Facebook Group for subscribers to learn how to decorate with their ribbon and build community. 

Cathy’s subscribers LOVE everything about her subscription box, including the community. 


The goal of my waitlist strategy and Cathy’s goal for her launch 

Cathy is a member of Launch Your Box and my higher-level membership Scale Your Box. She is a dream student who soaks up the training and implements it in her business. 

Including my waitlist strategy. 

The goal of my waitlist plan is to consistently drive traffic to your subscription box waitlist. That list of people who’ve said, “Yes, I’m interested in what you’re selling!” These people are your warmest leads. 



It’s important to understand that a waitlist isn’t only for your first launch. You need to consistently build your waitlist between launches as well. Just like Cathy does. 

Cathy sets new subscriber goals based on the quantities her exclusive ribbons are available in. These luxury ribbons come in sets of 48, so Cathy planned for 48 new subscribers. 

When it was time to launch, Cathy had a waitlist of 300 people. 300 very warm leads. 


How Cathy grows her waitlist 

Cathy grows her list consistently by: 

  1. Doing a monthly LIVE unboxing and directing people to the waitlist. Check out this blog post for the elements of a great unboxing video. 
  2. Sending an email with a link to the LIVE unboxing and directing people to the waitlist
  3. Sending a nurture email to anyone who purchases from her shop and directing them to the waitlist
  4. Posting about her subscription box consistently and directing people to her waitlist
  5. Giving people who ask for more information during LIVE crafting sessions a link to her website which then directs them to her waitlist



As you can see, Cathy put consistent effort into building her waitlist, growing that list of warm leads. That list of people who have raised their hands and said, “Yes, I’m interested in becoming a subscriber.” 


A sold out launch in 24 hours

Cathy was ready to launch. She’d planned her launch week - just the way I teach it. 

The first step of the launch plan is to launch to your waitlist. Those people who are most interested - who are your warmest leads - get the first opportunity to join. 

The next step in the plan is to launch to the public - to your entire audience. 

Cathy didn’t need to move past step one. She launched to her waitlist - and sold out in only 24 hours. 

I know - and Cathy knows - that if she’d had more spots available, she would have sold them! But she sold the 48 spots she had in one day thanks to the waitlist she spent consistent time and effort building! 

Hear more of Cathy’s story and how she used my waitlist strategy to sell out her launch in only 24 hours on episode 143 of the Launch Your Box Podcast



Cathy does an amazing job of serving her audience. She teaches them, engages with them, and builds excitement and FOMO with the help of her subscribers. She has grown her subscription box from 20 subscribers to over 200 by following the teachings inside Launch Your Box

There is SO MUCH more to learn inside Launch Your Box about starting, launching, and growing your subscription box. We’d love to have you join us! 

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