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Has self-doubt ever held you back from trying something new or taking a risk?

This book is for you.

In it, I tell my own story of self-doubt. The times in my business journey when self-doubt threatened to stop me from realizing my dreams. And the ways I quieted those voices and pushed through - and still push through.

I hope my journey inspires you to fight your own feelings of self-doubt. To push through and realize your dreams!

I’m cheering you on!

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This is my first book, the first time I’m putting my entire journey on paper.

Not only will you hear my journey, but you’ll learn from some of my students - other amazing subscription box owners - who have taken what they’ve learned and turned it into something special.

One Box at a Time isn’t just my story or my students’ stories.

It’s the beginning of your story, too.


I don’t just TELL you about starting a subscription business. Instead, I take you through HOW to start and launch your own subscription box business.



Inside One Box at a Time, I walk you through practical, actionable steps to follow as well as best practices for:

  • Finding and connecting with your audience
  • Curating the perfect subscription box experience
  • Buying, sourcing, and manufacturing products
  • Maintaining a position of profitability from the beginning

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Get inspired.

Learn all the things.

Take action.


Adding a subscription box to my business changed my business. And my life.

Knowing I had regular, recurring revenue coming into my business every month meant I didn’t have to worry about paying the rent, buying product, or paying my employees. It meant I could breathe. And that I could finally pay myself a regular paycheck.

Inside One Box at a Time, I show you the steps you need to follow to start and launch your subscription box. To turn your dream into reality. This book isn’t a read-it-once-and-stick-it-on-the-shelf kind of book. It’s a book you’ll refer back to over and over again throughout your own subscription box journey. It’s filled with proven teachings, valuable resources, best practices, and action steps for you to take.

I simply can’t wait for you to read One Box at a Time and get started on your own subscription box journey. Soon, you’ll have your own story to tell!

Experience One Box at a Time one chapter at a time:

  • Introduction: How My Subscription Box Business Was Born
  • Chapter 1: Commit to Show Up
  • Chapter 2: Determine Your Ideal Customer
  • Chapter 3: Build an Audience
  • Chapter 4: Cultivate Community
  • Chapter 5: Create an Experience
  • Chapter 6: The Nuts and Bolts of Product Curation, Packaging, and Fulfillment
  • Chapter 7: Ready to Launch
  • Chapter 8: What Do I Do Now?
  • Chapter 9: Keep Going, Keep Growing
  • Chapter 10: Create Your Own Path


There is no one path to subscription box success. It’s your business and your ‘why.’

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