Elements of a Great Unboxing Video

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Elements of a Great Unboxing Video


People love watching unboxing videos! It's a way for people, subscriber or not, to verify you and your product. Viewing the items being taken out of a box and used for the first time by a real person showcase the excitement of what it's really like to receive the box and the experience you curated. Today, I will share a few tips and elements to include to make a great unboxing video.

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Unboxing videos can be pre-recorded and uploaded to platforms like Youtube, or you can do them LIVE on your favorite social media platform. Most of my audience is on my Facebook page for my subscription box business, so I do my reveals there. Keep in mind, some of the tips that I share in this blog are for LIVE audiences, but no matter what format you choose, there are a few key elements to a great unboxing video.


Prep Work Before You Go Live


Set A Date

Choose a date for your box reveal, put it on your calendar, and let your followers know. The more people who show up to watch live, the better the experience will be for everyone. 

Now, if you are unboxing your subscription on Youtube or any other pre-recorded social media format, obviously part will look different. 

I use Stream Yard to pre-post my LIVE events. This helps to get more viewers, and everyone is ready and waiting.

With setting a date, you want to build excitement. Every time you share a sneak peek or behind the scene view into your box, you want to share the LIVE unboxing date. Let them know what day the reveal will happen to builds anticipation. 



Set The Stage

Stage an inviting background. This could be your subscription boxes stacked behind you or items that are relative to your subscription. Make it fun! You don't want to have a blank wall behind you sitting in a dark dingy room. 

Make sure you have good lighting and good placement for your camera. You don't need heavy equipment here. I just use my cell phone or iPad, and this ring light HERE.

I like to wear items that coordinate with the box. If there is clothing inside your subscription, wear it! Even though my subscribers don't know that it's included, I often wear the t-shirt that is in the box I am revealing.

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Elements of a Video Box Reveal


Encourage Engagement Early

Once you press that button to record, you want to enter with lots of energy. Make this fun and exciting. Introduce yourself and welcome everyone that is there with you. 

Encourage those watching to engage in the chat section. Ask questions to jumpstart the conversation right when you get started.

  • Are you a subscriber?
  • Let me know if you have received your subscription box
  • What is your favorite part of this box?


State Your Hook 

In the first 15 seconds, you want to state the hook of your video. You have to give them the hook that pertains to your subscription and what you will be talking about right away to keep them there watching with you.

Viewers decide within those first 15 seconds whether to stay or to continuing to scroll down their feed. 

Make sure you have your hook ready, "I am so excited you are here! Tonight, we are going to unbox the August Monogram Box and see all the fun inside it for the very first time." 



The Story

Tell a story about your subscription box. What was your inspiration? How did you put it together? Give some insight to behind the scenes of curating the box. Followers like to know the story about where you source those eclectic pieces, or how you design custom made items. 

Take what makes your box unique and start telling that backstory before you open your box. This will give your audience the chance to find your LIVE and start watching. 

It also gives more interest to your box. You don't just want to whip open your subscription box and say, "look at this" and then be done. Knowing the story of why you chose the items you did will keep subscribers there and draws in more potential customers. 

Telling the story of the box and each item, gives your audience the experience we want them to feel when they receive their box each month. 



The Box Opening

Before you start opening the box, and during the whole LIVE, make sure you check your comments, engage with your followers. Answer and ask questions, participate with the audience by greeting them when they come in, talk with people in the chat. 

Be excited to see your subscribers watching you. Get your subscribers participating in the conversation so that non-subscribers can see that they are missing out on something before you even start opening the box. 

Right before I start opening my subscription box, I explain the different levels of my subscriptions. 

I have three variables that I'd like non-subscribers to know about, and maybe current subscribers to my Monogram Box don't know these upgrade options either.

I always unbox my highest level subscription, so even if my subscribers may not get that box, they will see and want everything.



Unboxing And Showing Off All The Things

Now the fun beginnings! I usually start with the smaller bits included in my box to build up to those larger/more valuable items. I tell a little story about each piece and share how they coordinate and can be used.

For instance, if you have clothing or jewelry, you can share a few styling tips or outfit ideas. 

Take your time on each item. Subscribers love to know the where, why, and how. Keep your audience engaged by asking things like which item or styling option is their favorite.



Call To Action

Always include a call to action! Send them to a sales page, waitlist, or opt-in. 

Sometimes I offer a free downloadable during my FB LIVE. Often I include a printed quote inside my box, and I can take that, or the theme of the box, and make a cute 8x10 downloadable print or cellphone wallpaper. 



When you are done displaying the full experience during the subscription box reveal, thank everyone for watching you live and invite them back.

After Recording A Video Unboxing

The video is over, but the work isn't done! You want to reach ALL of your audience. Put this content into email format and send it to your email list the same or next day. 



Create An Email Unboxing

Write a quick email enticing them to click over to catch your new video content on replay. Include a few pictures and link the video to continue getting more views.

This email carries the same format as the video. What is the hook? That is your subject line. Share a quick story in the first paragraph. Tell them what items came in the box, what they mean, and how they go together. It's a great idea to share how to use these items in an email for all subscribers to go back to read. Then, use the same call to action from the video.

You've spent a lot of time on the branding of your box, finding/making the perfect products, and developing the emotions each element to your subscription box subscriber, now is your time to show off with a reveal! Use these elements to create a great unboxing video.





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