Hi, I’m Sarah Williams!

Some of my mentors and peers have dubbed me the Subscription Box Queen. This makes me laugh because it’s not like I have the best subscriptions or the most subscribers. In truth, I feel it’s due to really nailing the concept of how to bring consistent, recurring revenue into product-based businesses.

I have owned my company for 7 years and for 3 of those, successful subscriptions. Before it came to be, though, I longed for my own subscription-based business, and it took me 18 months to finally make it happen. That is a long time to sit on an idea I couldn’t get going. Studying all the ways to make it work had me overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. Not to mention, 3 years ago, there were very few people doing it, and they definitely were not talking about it. I had no one available to answer my questions. I was paralyzed by ‘all the things’ I had to figure out to make it happen.

What if you could trim that 18 months down, ease the strain, and get started now?

This is why I created my membership, “Launch Your Box.” My training resource for anyone wanting to begin, grow or scale a subscription box business.

Launch Your Box has quickly grown into a community of like-minded, product-based business owners who gather to not only get training but to gain support as they move through each stage of their business.

Maybe you need some direction on how to begin, or you are ready to grow your subscriber base. Either way, it all starts with an idea that can turn into a constant reoccurring revenue, a raving fan base, and a business to love.