Repeat Customers.

Guaranteed Sales.

Reliable Income.


It's time to make your subscription box dreams a reality!

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Sarah Williams in a black shirt holding a stack of turquoise Monogram Boxes and standing in front of multiple stacks of subscription boxes.

Repeat Customers.

Guaranteed Sales.

Reliable Income.


It's time to make your subscription box dream a reality!




You have a great idea for your subscription box, but you have so many questions...

  • What comes first?
  • Where do I find the right people for my subscription box?
  • How do I engage those people once I’ve found them?
  • How can I take my subscription box from idea to sales?
  • How can I figure out all the logistics: packing, shipping, boxes, and more?
  • Where should I start?

All those questions can be overwhelming. They can even stop you in your tracks. Make you doubt yourself and your dream.

 That's why I created Launch Your Box! 

My complete training program walks you step by step through starting, launching, and growing your subscription box business.

Ready to go from hoping for sales to knowing you have recurring revenue every month?

Selling products is hard.

You’re constantly in selling mode – hustling hard to find and keep customers and turn them into raving fans who will buy from you again and again.

Every day you’re posting on social media, managing inventory, figuring out what products your customers really want. And that’s before trying to solve the logistics of packaging and shipping.

Somedays, you’re exhausted before the day begins. It seems there are a million things you need to do or should be doing. Things you don’t have time to figure out on your own. You keep thinking, there’s got to be an easier way to bring consistent revenue into your business. There is!

woman filling a teal subscription box with items.
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Find the training you need and a community you’ll love inside Launch Your Box…

Nicole Jenny kneeling beside her stacks of brown GPig Subscription Boxes

 A love for animals turns into 1300 monthly subscribers! 


Launch Your Box member Nicole Jenney LOVES animals, especially small furry ones. Her desire to spoil a pair of adopted guinea pigs led her to discover an unserved niche in the subscription industry. And that led to the GPig Box, a monthly subscription box for guinea pigs and their owners.

Nicole joined Launch Your Box at the very beginning of her subscription box journey. She jumped right in, soaked up the training, and implemented it.

Nicole credits Launch Your Box with helping her to build her business from the start. She learned the right way to build an audience and discovered not only where to find her ideal customers, but how to speak to them in their language.

She faced challenges along the way - like all entrepreneurs do - problem-solved with the help of our community, and continued to do the work.

The GPig box grew steadily - so steadily that Nicole was inspired to start another box - Bunnie Box - after adopting a pet bunny, Olive.

Nicole’s subscription box business continues to grow - and she continues to serve pets and their owners, providing them with a unique, fun-filled experience. She now serves more than 1300 subscribers each month!! The riches truly are in the niches!

GPig Box won a coveted Cube Award for Best Pet Box, beating out some of the biggest names in the industry.

With the support of Launch Your Box, Nicole scaled her subscription from 650 subscribers to more than 1300 subscribers in only six months!

 It’s more than “just a box.”


Launch Your Box member Katie Eney describes The Literary Book Club Box as, “A quarterly luxury subscription box for old souls and romantics.” The way Katie puts these boxes together and the care she puts into every detail makes it clear she knows her ideal customer so well because she is her ideal customer.

Every item in Katie’s box has a purpose. Each one adds to the experience her subscribers have while reading the book. Her subscription box is about so much more than simply reading a classic book. She invites her subscribers to sink in and soak up the experience she is going to guide them through.

Katie’s understanding of her ideal customer and her dedication to providing subscribers with a truly special experience led to her selling out her monthly subscription and special one-time holiday boxes multiple times.

That kind of growth sounds like a good thing. And it is. But Katie knew that if she wanted to continue to grow, she needed to learn how to scale the right way, and that included hiring a team.

Again, Katie turned to Launch Your Box to learn how to grow and scale her subscription box business the right way - the way that worked for her life and her business and allowed her to preserve the special experience subscribers enjoy with every box!

Several hundred monthly subscribers of The Literary Box know and understand - it’s so much more than just a box.

items from the Literary Book Club subscription displayed on a table and surrounded by flowers.
Kathy Strahs standing in a kitchen with her Away Day subscription box

 From no audience to a sold-out launch in 90 days! 


Launch Your Box member Kathy Strahs was inspired to provide moms like her - burnt out and depleted from all the past few years have thrown at them - with a truly special self-care experience.

Kathy had no subscription box experience and no audience. What she did have was passion, determination, and a lot of other work and life experience. Thanks to Launch Your Box, she also had a roadmap to follow to get her where she wanted to be.

Kathy dug into the training inside Launch Your Box and implemented what she learned. And when she ran into something that threatened to stop her progress, she got the help she needed and kept moving forward.

After 90 days of building her audience and getting all the things ready behind the scenes, Kathy was ready to launch her Awayday box.

Following the launch plan laid out inside Launch Your Box, Kathy sold out on day one of her launch - an amazing result considering she truly started from scratch!

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 Launch Your Box is so much more than a training program. 

It’s a place to find confidence, develop know-how, learn how to show up and sell, and get motivated to not only launch your subscription box business but to take it to the next level by growing and scaling your box.


And then there’s the Launch Your Box Community…

What if you could be part of a community of like-minded Subscription Box Entrepreneurs sharing ideas, supporting one another, and growing together?

Inside our Launch Your Box community, you’ll find members at every stage of the subscription box journey. They encourage, inspire and collaborate with each other every day.
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“If you’re on the fence SIGN UP! I saw Sarah for the first time on a coaching week ad. I had been thinking of doing a subscription box for a year so I signed up and was blown away by the information and help I was given. And I realized I couldn’t do this sub box thing on my own. Sarah is a powerhouse, you’ll love her and you will be successful when you follow her plan!!! Sooo many other sub box entrepreneurs in this group are proof.

- Becky F, Launch Your Box Member

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“I had my box idea floating around for a little while. I wanted to have a stream of income for my business and found LYB. I could not be happier with the progress I have made. The support and knowledge Sarah and her team provide along with the members are amazingly helpful. I am on track and we are moving full steam ahead!!

- April D, Launch Your Box Member

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Sarah is the best! She’s down-to-earth, open & honest. If you have been thinking about starting a subscription box, you’re in the right place.

- Missy H, Launch Your Box Member

picture collage of people with their subscription boxes
picture collage of people with their subscription boxes
quotes from Launch Your Box members
quotes from Launch Your Box members

Hi, I’m Sarah Williams!

I’ve been called “The Subscription Box Queen” by some of my mentors and peers. It’s a title that makes me laugh and not just because I’m not likely to be seen around town wearing a crown. The title comes from my ability to bring consistent, recurring revenue into product-based businesses.

My business started eleven years ago with a brick-and-mortar retail store. As my business and my core group of regular, dedicated customers grew, so did an idea to serve them in a different way. I longed to start a subscription-based business that provided an exclusive, VIP-level experience. But I didn’t know how. In 2017, there weren’t very many people doing it - and those who were, weren’t talking about it. I spent 18 months figuring out all the pieces of the subscription box puzzle and how to fit them together.

I launched my box and worked hard to grow my subscriber base, always focusing on giving them the very best experience. My subscription box business grew from 44 subscribers to thousands. 

And having the consistent, recurring revenue stream from my subscription box transformed my business - and my life.

Sarah Williams in a denim shirt in a packing warehouse and leaning on a stack of Monogram subscription boxes using her laptop

 Having the consistent, recurring revenue stream from my subscription box transformed my business - and my life. 

side view overlooking Sarah Williams shoulder while she sits at her desk on a Zoom meeting with multiple Launch Your Box members on the computer screen

The same desire to serve inspired me to want to teach other product-based entrepreneurs how to start, launch, and grow their own subscription box businesses. I wanted to trim that 18 months down, ease the strain, and help them get started right away. So Launch Your Box was born.

Whether you need some direction on how to begin or you are ready to grow your subscriber base, I hope you’ll join me in Launch Your Box.

I can’t wait to help you turn your idea into consistent recurring revenue, a raving fan base, and a business to love!

 Truly an amazing community… 

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Sarah, what you have built and created for all of us is incredible. You are not only our biggest cheerleader, but walk the walk of every word you talk. Thank you!”

- Jennifer L, Launch Your Box Member

 What's Included Inside Launch Your Box? 

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40+ Training Videos

Building Your List, Recurring Payments, Fulfillment Centers, Sourcing & Manufacturing, Launch Week, Box Reveals and so much more.

I will be walking you through the process, step-by-step! 

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PDF Worksheets

Clickable Links and Printable Resources.

Saving you time!

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Private Community

A safe place to share, collaborate and communicate with other subscription box entrepreneurs.

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Live Q&A's

Join a monthly live Q&A to get all your questions answered.

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Guest Speakers

Additional training from experienced guests.

Giving you different perspectives from people who have been through the process.

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Box Reviews

Box openings and reviews of member subscription boxes.

Send me yours, and I will tell you what I think! Watch as I give advice and share all my tips in our private community.

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Bonus Trainings

Bonus modules and resources from industry experts in everything from building your audience to launches that work!

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