What are the Perks of a One Item Subscription Box?

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Discover the benefits of a one item subscription box and whether one is right for your business.


When you think of a subscription box, what do you picture? A super cute, customized box filled with carefully curated items that all work together to create an experience? 

That’s certainly one way to think of a subscription box. And it’s what so many members of my coaching membership Launch Your Box provide to their subscribers each month. It’s what I provide to the subscribers of my Monogram Box each month, too. 

But what if you were only selling one thing? 

What if you didn’t want to create an entire experience for your subscribers? 

Instead, you only wanted to provide that one thing.



I call these “one thing of the month” boxes and they can be incredibly successful! I have two one thing of the month subscriptions - my Framed! T-Shirt Club and my Tees 4 Teachers subscription. My T-Shirt Club is my largest subscription with well over a thousand subscribers. Every month, subscribers get a cute, on-trend tee. That’s it. Just a t-shirt. And they love it! 

Today I want to talk to you about the benefits of one item subscription boxes and why you might want to consider adding one to your business.


One item subscription boxes have the lowest barrier to getting started.  

If you are already selling t-shirts, or candles, or socks, why not sell just that one thing as a subscription? You already know how to “do the thing.” Whether you sell your own designs or work with trusted vendors, you know how to source and sell that item. 

A one item subscription means you can give your customers what you know they already love with the added convenience and excitement of it coming to them every month. Offer them exclusive designs or early access to make the subscription special.  

If you haven’t launched a subscription box yet, consider a one item subscription. Figuring out sourcing products, fulfillment, shipping, and all the things is easier when your subscription consists of “just one thing.” You can always add a fully curated box later.


One item subscription boxes are easy to pack and ship.  

When my team is packing my Monogram Box subscription each month, we follow a very specific process with lots of checks and balances along the way.



There is a personalized item in each box - making sure each subscriber gets the correct personalized item takes time and effort. Each month, there are three or four items that need to be packed in a specific order and in a specific position within the boxes. It takes time, systems, and processes to make sure each subscriber receives exactly what they should.

My t-shirt subscriptions are easy. There are no boxes to build, no multiple items to pack. Each tee gets slid into a poly mailer, sealed, and it’s ready to go. Simple. My team can pack thousands of tees in half a day.


One item subscription boxes can give you a higher profit margin. 

Would it surprise you to learn that my t-shirt subscription has a 20% higher profit margin than my more expensive Monogram Box™? Remember, just because something costs more doesn’t mean it will have a higher profit margin. 

My curated subscription box requires more labor, more packaging, and more shipping costs. All those extra costs add up and eat into my profit. On the other hand, my T-Shirt Club is super simple and has lower costs.

Make sure you have a healthy profit margin from the beginning. Your business cannot grow - or survive long-term - if it is not profitable.



One item subscription boxes can be just about anything.    

T-shirt of the month subscriptions can be very successful. Several members of Launch Your Box have t-shirt subscriptions serving all kinds of niches. My members sell teacher tees, happy tees, Christian tees, snarky tees, and more. They have fun producing designs their subscribers will love. But t-shirts aren’t the only option for one thing of the month boxes.

Launch Your Box members serve their subscribers by providing just one: 

  • Jar candle
  • Pair of earrings
  • Bottle of “mystery” nail polish
  • Door hanger
  • Hair bow
  • Pizzelles (delicious, delicious cookies) 
  • Handcrafted soap 
  • Tumbler 
  • Washi tape
  • Coffee 
  • Custom wax seal
  • Dog bandana (listen to episode 77 of the Launch Your Box podcast to hear Rhonda’s story)
  • And many more!  



What one thing of the month could you offer? Is there a standout item in your product lineup that could be your offer? Do you have a best-seller or an item your customers come back for again and again? 

If you’re thinking about adding a subscription box to your business, consider whether a one-item subscription could be the right choice for you!

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