Downloadable Email Opt-in Freebie Ideas

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Downloadable Email Opt-in Freebie Ideas


Inside Launch Your Box, we talk a lot about the importance of growing your email list before you launch your subscription box. Building your email list allows you to nurture your readers and build connections with them. The most effective way to get people on your list is with downloadable email opt-ins. 

You can’t have a successful launch without first building an audience, an email list, and a waitlist. If you don’t, you’ll have no one to launch to! 

Is it really important to grow your email list when you’re already spending time building your audience on social media? 


Remember, you don’t own your social media accounts or followers. Your email list is different. You own your list. 

Read this blog post to learn how email marketing has helped me grow my subscription business to what it is today. 

Today, I’m sharing seven downloadable email opt-in freebie ideas to help you jumpstart and grow your email list.

* This post contains affiliate/referral links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products.  Please read my disclosure and privacy policy HERE. 


What is an email opt-in?

An email opt-in is also called a lead magnet. It’s a free offer made in exchange for someone’s email address. One of the simplest and most common forms of lead magnet is a free download. 



The goal of an email opt-in is not to capture just anyone’s email. You want to capture the emails of people who are interested in what you offer. Creating the right opt-in freebie is key to attracting those ideal customers.

7 FREE Downloadable Opt-in Ideas

When deciding what kind of opt-in freebie to offer, think about your target audience. What are their interests? What problem do they have that your brand solves? 

Your goal is to provide valuable content and build a freebie your ideal customer can’t resist.


1) Phone Wallpaper

I use this opt-in often in my retail business! Design wallpaper in the colors and patterns of your box with messaging that’s on brand. 

Your ideal customer will love having wallpaper that’s fresh and fun. They’ll also be reminded of your brand whenever they look at their phone, which as we all know is a LOT!


2) Checklists

I’m a list maker! I use a checklist when I’m packing for a trip, getting my kids ready for back-to-school, holiday shopping, and so much more. 

Chances are many of your ideal customers are, too. Think about the types of lists you make and how you could create one for your brand. 

The Beach Vacation Packing List opt-in I created was a big hit with my subscription box audience! 

Most products, tips, or services could be added to a list for packing, tasks, goals, meal planning, shopping, and more. Consider taking a blog post you’ve already written and breaking it down into actionable steps. 

Sarah’s Tip: use a branded template to create any list with ease!




3) Coupons

Everyone loves to save money, especially right now. A coupon can be a very effective opt-in! 

Make sure your coupon provides enough value to convince your ideal customer to provide their email while still allowing you to remain profitable. Consider offering: 

  • Percent off item or total purchase. 
  • Dollar amount off item or total purchase.
  • Free gift with purchase.  
  • Free shipping. 


4) Art Print

Design an art print just like you did the phone wallpaper. A cute design with fun language that speaks to your ideal customer and can be displayed is an ideal option for an artist to showcase a sample of their work. This works great for a children’s coloring sheet, too!

5) Cheat Sheet orResource List

If you have a lot of resources to share, a cheat sheet or resource list provides good value. 

Create a deliverable that teaches your customer how to do something or provides valuable information to help them solve a problem. 

My Packaging Cheat Sheet is a valuable lead magnet for me not only because it answers many questions specific to my niche, but also because it directly targets my ideal customer. This lead magnet does a great job of attracting the right people to my email list. 




6)  DIY Tutorial

If you sell home decor or craft items, a DIY tutorial makes a great opt-in. Simply break down a tutorial into step-by-step instructions. It should be exclusive, something your target audience can’t get elsewhere within your content. 

Wow your audience by including a video. You’ll surprise and delight your ideal customer and start building your know, like, and trust factor right away!


7) Recipes

Does your subscription box have anything to do with cooking or baking? Consider using a recipe for your opt-in.

It could be a recipe similar to an item you might send in a subscription box, a recipe featuring an ingredient or spice you sell, or a recipe to solve a problem your ideal customer faces - quick weekday meals for picky eaters anyone? 


Downloadable freebies are a great way to start capturing valuable emails. I hope these examples have given you some great ideas to start with. 

Once you get people on your list, remember to start nurturing them right away with weekly emails. Serve them by providing value and they’ll be more likely to be ready to buy when you’re ready to launch! 

Stop putting email marketing on the back burner and start building your list today.


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