Downloadable Email Opt-in Freebie Ideas

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Downloadable Email Opt-in Freebie Ideas


If you have an online business, I am sure you have heard that you need to put some effort into growing your email list. Building a list is one of my top recommendations to my Launch Your Box members, and that is why I want to share some downloadable email opt-in freebie ideas to help you jumpstart and maintain that list. 

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There are many reasons why email marketing is essential. A lot of people put it on the back burner, but I am here to tell you to just get started! I share how it has helped me grow my business to what it is today in my blog about Growing Your E-Commerce Business With Email Marketing, and growing your list is the first step you need to take.


So what is an email opt-in?


An email opt-in, or lead magnet, is a free offer made in exchange for someone's email address, and one of the easiest and most common forms is a free download!



Now, we don't want to capture just anyone's email. Creating the right freebie is key to gaining a quality customer who is interested in your product.

When planning your offer, think of who your target audience is... we don't want to capture just anyone's email. We want those who will engage and become customers. What are their interests and what does your brand offer them? Bring value with your content and build a freebie your ideal customer can't resist.

7 FREE Downloadable Opt-in Ideas


1) Phone Wallpaper

I use this opt-in often in my retail business! Designing a pretty wallpaper can be fun and easy to keep on brand and fits into many markets. Who doesn't want a seasonal inspirational quote on their phone?!


2) Checklists

I am a list maker! Think of what you make lists for and how you could make one for your brand. I even use a checklist when I pack for a trip.

Most products, tips, or services could be added to lists for packing, tasks, goals, shopping, etc. You can even take a blog post and simplify it into actionable steps.

*Use a branded template to recreate any list with ease!




3) DIY Tutorial

Everyone loves a good DIY project. If you sell home or craft items, break down an exclusive tutorial into step-by-step instructions that your customer wants to get their hands on. If you can attach a video!


4) Art Print

Just like the mobile wallpaper, create an inspirational quote that anyone can print and display in a cute frame. This would be an ideal option for an artist to provide a simple sampling or even a kid's coloring sheet!

5) Cheat Sheet/Resource List

If you have a lot of resources to share, a cheat sheet can pack a punch in value.

My Packaging Cheat Sheet below is a valuable lead magnet for me not only because it answers so many questions to my niche, but I am also targeting my ideal customer to make sure the right people make my list.




6) Infographic

These eye-catching sheets of information make perfect visual reference guides to educate your audience about your product. 


7) Coupons

Coupons are great for all types of businesses! I don't recommend offering discounts often, but an exclusive coupon is hard for anyone to pass up!


Downloadable freebies are a simple place to start capturing those emails! I hope these ideas show you how easy it can be to begin and help you craft the perfect email sign-up offer.





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