How I Used My 5-Day Launch Plan to Launch My Book

blog launch Jan 21, 2024

Discover what happened when I used my proven subscription box launch plan to launch something completely different - my book!


Something pretty big happened in November. My book, One Box at a Time, finally launched. I say finally because getting this book out into the world was a project that took almost two years! 

That’s right. From the time I got my book deal to holding a copy of it in my hands took almost two years. 

There were many times during the writing and editing processes when I realized I had no idea what I was doing. Writing a book was completely new to me. And more than a little bit scary. 

Check out this blog post for more about how I fought through self-doubt to get my story onto paper! 



Once my book was written and edited - and edited again - I thought the hard part was over. 

Then came the book launch. 

You might be thinking, “But Sarah you launch things all the time.  And you teach people how to launch things all the time.” 

And you’d be right. 

But I’d never launched a book. A book that I’d written. 

That felt scary. And that fear let self-doubt come creeping back. 

I felt vulnerable. I mean I had revealed a lot of myself in the pages of my book. My insecurities, my battle with self-doubt, all of it was in there. And having the book out in the world meant people would actually read it. 

When I get overwhelmed about doing something new or trying something new - when those feelings of self-doubt show up - I lean on what I know. What I’m good at. 


Launching a book - it’s not that different from launching a subscription box. 

Launching a book was unfamiliar. That was the part that made it feel overwhelming. 

But launching a subscription box? Launching a new product or collection for my retail shop? I could do that in my sleep. 

So I did what I knew how to do. What I’ve taught thousands of subscription box owners how to do inside Launch Your Box

I followed the 5-day launch plan.



Yep, I launched my book just like I launch my Monogram Box™, T-Shirt Club, and Tees 4 Teachers subscriptions. 

  • I followed the LIVE plan and went LIVE every day. 
  • I followed the email plan and sent emails every day. 
  • I followed the social media plan and created and scheduled posts, reels, and short videos on social media every day. 

I followed the launch plan exactly as I outlined it inside the Launch Your Box training library. 

And guess what? 

It worked! 

My book hit the bestseller lists on Amazon in several significant categories. Things like Women and Business, Small Business, and Entrepreneurship. 

That felt incredible. 


Telling my students’ subscription box business success stories. 

One Box at a Time is the story of my subscription box journey - warts and all. But it’s not just my story. 

In the book, I also tell stories about several of my Launch Your Box students. Women who took a chance, did the work, and kept doing the work even when things got hard. Celebrating them and shining the spotlight on their success was one of my favorite parts of writing this book. 

So when it was time to launch, I had to get them involved.  



And what better way than to have them on with me LIVE, sharing even more about their subscription box journeys? 

My audience got to know Stacey, Britney, Katie, and Nicole even better. And they got to see that while they are fabulous women and successful entrepreneurs, they’re really no different than you or me.  


Finding out the impact my book had on you… wow. 

The best part of this whole writing a book and sending it out into the world thing has been watching it do exactly what I hoped it would do. 

I’ve heard from SO MANY people who bought One Box at a Time and used it as a guide to start and launch their own subscription boxes! 



People like Megan who told me the book was the “missing piece” for her. The thing she needed to stop just dreaming about adding a subscription box to her business. And she did! 

The day after the book arrived at her house, Megan took the day off from work and spent five hours reading it straight through. She made notes, created an action plan, and launched her subscription box THREE WEEKS later. Oh, and she sold out her launch! 

Listen to more of Megan’s story in Episode 147 of the Launch Your Box Podcast

That’s just one reader's story. There were so many more!  

I wrote this book not just to tell my story. And not just to tell my students’ stories. I wrote it to be the beginning of your story. Your subscription box journey. 

And I’m just so happy and proud that it’s doing exactly that! 



I’ve already been asked if I’m going to write another book. The truth is, I don’t know. What I do know is there’s a whole lot more to my story - and a lot more chapters to go! 

If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy yet, grab One Box at a Time today and start writing your own subscription box story!

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