How I Overcame Self-Doubt and Wrote a Book

blog mindset Oct 08, 2023

Learn about my journey through self-doubt to becoming a first time author.  


I’m in the middle of a pinch myself, is this really happening kind of a moment. The kind of moment that has me feeling all the feels. You see, I did a thing. 

I wrote a book. 

It’s called One Box at a Time and it’s the story of my business and of me as a business owner. It starts from the beginning and takes it through to now. From a 600 square foot shop selling gifts and teaching paint parties to now - a multi-million dollar retail and coaching business. 

I’m so excited and so proud. And I’m also so grateful. This book? It’s because of all of you. All the people who follow me, support me, and continue to learn from me. 

I want to share this BIG thing with all of you. In fact, if you order a copy of One Box at a Time, you’ll see I dedicated it to the Launch Your Box community - to those subscription box owners who are doing the work every day to follow their dreams. 



Today, I wanted to share the hard parts of this book journey. Because there were hard parts. There always are. But the hard parts make the awesome parts - like holding my book in my hands for the first time - even sweeter. 

So come along on my “How the heck did this small town Texan become an author?” story. 


How I got a book deal. 

I never wanted to write a book. To be honest, I’d never even thought about writing a book. I’m not a big reader and it wasn’t something I’d ever considered. 

Until one December day in 2021. I was at a charity event, giving my industry predictions for 2022. As a participant in the event, I was invited to attend a Mastermind with the other speakers. One of those people was Reid Tracy, President and CEO of Hay House publishing. 

During the Mastermind, Reid Tracy offered me a book deal. On the spot. 

I think I laughed in that moment. The idea seemed ridiculous. Me, write a book? Why would anyone want to read a book I wrote? 

I was in a room with some big names in the online business world. Stu McLaren, Dean Graziosi, Jasmine Star - they all sat around this table with me and convinced me otherwise. They all believed I had a story worth telling.


Here comes the self-doubt.   

Reid Tracy offered me a book deal. But, I still had to put together a book proposal for the team at Hay House. My team and I worked hard to put together an outline, a marketing plan, and a sample chapter. 

The good news? Hay House was super excited about what I sent them and the book deal became official. 

I was going to be a published author. 

Cue the self-doubt. 

It was kind of funny. My book starts with me talking about the self-doubt I had to overcome when I started my business. And at so many steps along the way as my business grew and as I grew as a business owner. 



Self-doubt was along for the ride this time, too. 

Who was I to be writing a book? 

Why would anyone want to buy a book I wrote? 

I was not an author. 

The resistance came in waves. Surely I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t smart enough or worthy enough to be an author. 

But then I realized something. 

Those feelings? Those they’ll-stop-you-if-you-let-them feelings? So many of us let those feelings stop us from going after our dreams.  

Every entrepreneur, somewhere along their journey, feels the way I felt in that moment. The way I’d felt in so many moments. 

And that’s when it hit me. 

That’s exactly why I needed to write this book. 


The beginning matters - and the messy middle.   

There were good days and bad days as I pulled my thoughts together and tried to turn them into a book. But no matter how hard it got, I kept going back to my “why.” 

Why was I writing this book?

I was writing this book to share my journey. To let other people know what it’s like. Not now. Not after years and years of building a business. But at the beginning, when things are overwhelming and confusing. And in the middle, when a business starts to grow and different and sometimes bigger questions need to get answered. And when it’s time to scale. 



I also knew I wanted to share my students’ stories. Because even if readers couldn’t see themselves in me, I knew they would see themselves in one of my students. 

I am so proud of the women whose stories and subscription boxes are featured in my book. SO proud. 

It’s important to me that my readers see the hard parts of starting and growing a business. But it’s also important that they see how amazing it can be. How life changing. I want people who read this book to come away inspired, knowing that if they’re willing to take action and work hard, they can do it, too. 


It takes more than inspiration.

Yes, I want you to feel inspired when you read my book. But I also want you to USE this book. 

Inside the chapters, I share practical, actionable steps you can follow to build your own subscription box empire. 

As a subscription box coach, I couldn’t write a book about my subscription box journey without teaching you how to start and grow your own subscription box business. 



I’m passionate about serving my community - whether that’s on my public Facebook page, on the Launch Your Box podcast, or inside one of my coaching memberships, Launch Your Box and Scale Your Box. This book is another way to serve you. 

My goal is to get my book into as many hands as possible. I want to have the biggest impact with one of the biggest things I’ve ever done in my life. 

I did this big scary thing. I wrote a book. And I want to help you believe you can do something that might seem big and scary, too. I want to help you make your own subscription box dreams come true. 



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