From Idea to a Sold-Out Launch in 3 Weeks with Sweet Tea Living | EP 147

podcast Jan 17, 2024

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“Take that one next step.” - Megan Hoiosen

Have you ever read an entire book in one day? Has a book ever given you exactly what you needed exactly when you needed it? When Megan Hoiosen of Sweet Tea Living got her hands on my book, One Box at a Time, she took the day off and read it straight through. And three weeks later, she had a sold-out launch of her brand-new subscription box. 

In this episode, Megan takes us through her journey from teacher to brick-and-mortar shop owner to subscription box owner! 

A former teacher, Megan turned her love for home decor and vintage into a brick-and-mortar shop in Idaho called Sweet Tea Living. The name of Megan’s shop has almost nothing to do with tea (although she does sell it) and everything to do with creating a feeling of Southern hospitality. 

Megan thought about starting a subscription box for a long time. She even joined Launch Your Box a few months ago. And although she found all of the trainings - and the amazing community - a great source of knowledge, she struggled to find time to consume the information while working long days in her shop. 

When my book, One Box at a Time, came out late last year, Megan ordered a copy. And when it arrived, she had a feeling it might be just what she needed. She took the day off from work, sat down with a notebook, and read the book straight through. 

Three weeks later, Megan launched her subscription box. Oh, and she sold out! 

My goal when I wrote One Box at a Time was not only to tell my subscription box story but to provide readers with the knowledge and tactical action steps they need to actually launch their boxes. 

Megan has built an audience of 8,000 of the right people. 8,000 of her ideal customers. She engaged with them and nurtured them. So when she introduced her subscription box, they were ready. They trusted her and trusted they’d love a subscription box she curated just for them. 

When she launched her box, she hoped for 50 subscribers. Her team at the shop talked her into planning for 75, but one item she planned to put in the box could only be ordered in quantities of 24. So, Megan ended up ordering enough products for 96 boxes, knowing she wanted to have extras in case of breakage and others to send to influencers. 

Megan launched and quickly hit 50 subscribers. Then 75 subscribers. And they just kept coming. She had her web designer shut things down when she hit 87 subscribers. She had sold out! 

I asked Megan what she did to have such a successful launch. 

  • She hired someone to do her website. Megan knew the tech would hold her back if she tried to do it herself. 
  • She showed up! 
    • Megan had learned she had to show up and show her face, even though she hated doing it. (I remember that feeling all too well!)
    • Once she focused on just being relatable - a real person - it got easier. 
    • Megan knew her business wouldn’t succeed without her showing up. 
  • She followed the launch process as best she could. 
    • She emailed her list.
    • She went LIVE. 
    • She posted on social media. 

Megan intended to follow the launch plan to a T but found herself overwhelmed. And that’s okay. 

I lay out a comprehensive launch plan inside my membership and in the chapters of One Box at a Time. That doesn’t mean you have to do all of the things every time. 

When you launch for the first time, take what you can and do what you can. Then the next time you launch, layer in more. Realize you can reuse the assets you built for that first launch - simply rinse and repeat. 

If you never start, you have nothing to build on. I give you the tools, it’s up to you to implement them. 

Megan has great advice for anyone dreaming about starting a subscription box inspired by the title of my book. She wants you to send the email, do the post, go LIVE, and they’ll come… One Box at a Time. 

When I asked Megan her goals for 2024, she said she was inspired by Episode 145 where I interviewed 3 of my Mastermind students who hit $1 million in revenue in 2023. Something tells me I’ll be doing a similar interview with Megan in the not-to-distant future. 


Join me for this episode to learn what can happen when you “take that one next step.” Spoiler alert - you just might end up with a sold-out subscription launch!

One Box at a Time


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