Move Forward, Make Progress, and Launch Your Subscription Box

blog launch mindset Aug 20, 2023

Stop putting your subscription box dreams on hold. It’s time to stop move forward, make progress, and launch your subscription box.


Are you still waiting to launch your subscription box? Still dreaming about what it’s going to be like when you pack those first boxes and send them off to your subscribers. What it will be like when those first subscribers open their boxes and find something they absolutely LOVE. Still waiting even though you’ve learned SO MUCH about how to start a subscription box. 

See, I know you’ve learned a lot because you’re part of my world. You’ve been able to soak up so much knowledge from listening to the Launch Your Box podcast, following me on my public Facebook Page, How to Start a Subscription Box, catching my videos on my new YouTube channel, and reading my weekly blog posts. And if you’re a member of Launch Your Box, well, then your learning has been next level. 

But sometimes, even when you’ve gone through the trainings and done the research and learned and learned, sometimes you still don’t start. 

I get it. 

I really do. 



You see, I sat on the idea of starting a subscription box for over a year. Over and over again, I talked myself out of just starting. I told myself: 

  • I was too busy. 
  • It was too overwhelming. 
  • I couldn’t figure out the tech. 

I let those fears keep me from moving forward. I don’t want them to hold you back. To keep you from making progress toward your subscription box goals. 

It’s time to stop thinking - and overthinking - and start taking action. 


What are you putting off? 

When you put off starting your subscription box, what exactly are you putting off? 

When I put off launching my subscription box, I put off growing my business. My now multi-seven-figure business with my amazing subscriptions at the center. 

What are you putting off? 

There’s always going to be something that comes up that can be an excuse not to launch. You’ll always be busy. There will always be something you haven’t quite figured out. 

The secret? Don’t let it stop you. 



A subscription box means recurring revenue. 

When you put off launching your subscription box, you’re putting off recurring revenue and the stability that it brings to your business and your life. 

When I launched my subscription box, I had a goal of 100 subscribers. I knew that if I had 100 subscribers, I would be able to cover all of my overhead expenses, pay my one employee, and pay myself. 

There were so many months when I wasn’t able to pay myself a salary. My brick and mortar shop was successful, but like any retail store, sales were inconsistent. 

I hoped to reach 100 subscribers by the end of that year (I launched in March). Instead, I reached 100 subscribers in month three. I could have hit that number in month two but I hadn’t planned for that much growth and didn’t have enough product! 

When I hit 100 subscribers and knew I could count on that recurring revenue hitting my bank account month after month, everything changed. 

I want that for you. 

But it’s not going to happen if you don’t launch your subscription box. 


There is no perfect time to launch your subscription box. 

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to launch your subscription box, it will never come. 

There is no perfect time. 

I think of it a lot like having a baby. If you wait for the perfect time to become a parent, it will never come. You’ll never truly be ready. When that baby comes, you figure it out. Sure you make mistakes and don’t get much sleep for a LONG time, but you figure it out. And it’s amazing. Even the hard parts. 

Did I feel ready when I launched my subscription box? Not even close. But I did it anyway. And so have so many members of Launch Your Box. They’ve launched messy. They’ve launched scared. But they’ve launched. 



They’ve followed the plan I teach them - guiding them step by step through their launches. People like Amy whose story you can hear in episode 129 of the Launch Your Box podcast. Amy pushed herself and launched messy - and it changed everything in her business.

If you need more inspiration, meet Kathy in episode 115. She had no experience in the subscription box industry. She didn’t even have experience selling products. But she didn’t let that stop her. In only 90 days, she built an audience from scratch and successfully launched her subscription box. 


Where will you be a year from now? 

I want you to ask yourself a question. What would change in your life a year from now if you launch your subscription box? 

Could you cover a car payment? Could you pay your mortgage? Maybe you want to take your family on memorable vacations. Maybe your dreams are even bigger and you want to replace a full-time income. 

It’s possible. All of it. But only if you take action. Only if you start. 



Don’t be afraid to launch messy. It’s not going to be perfect. Nothing in life ever is. But don’t let the fear of not being perfect stop you from launching. It’s time to stop waiting and start making it happen. I’m here ready to teach you, to encourage you, to cheer you on and celebrate with you.

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