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Amazon Must haves

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner! It's no secret that Subscription Box Business Owners get some of their best supplies right from Amazon. I've put together my all-time top 10 Amazon list for my Subscription Box Business:

* This post contains affiliate/referral links. I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products.  Please read my disclosure and privacy policy HERE.


1. Poly Mailers

I used poly mailers often for my product sales and subscriptions. 10x13's are the perfect size for t-shirts or similar-sized items. Amazon has so many cute designs. You can change it up each season or get something that is similar to your brand colors that you can re-order again and again! 

These black watercolor stripe bags are perfect for my brand, and they have them in several different colors! 



2. Organza Bags

Packaging items is SO important to create an amazing box opening experience. I love grabbing some of these colorful organza bags to repackage my small items. Anything I can take out of the plastic bags and put into these organza bags is SO worth it. My favorite size to use is the 4x6, but just make sure it fits your items.

3. Mailer Boxes

No matter what size box you need for your subscription box biz, Amazon probably has it! Make sure you are getting the ones with the side flaps, so you don't have to use a bunch of unnecessary tape on your boxes!

Make your packaging from Amazon on-brand with my blog, How to Brand Basic Packaging for a Subscription Box.


4. Ring Light

I call this my instant botox! A ring light just makes all your videos can even use it as extra light when you are taking pictures of your products! Grab this 18" adjustable ring light, and you will never show up live without it again!!


5. Arkon Mount

I love my Arkon Pro Phone and Camera Mount so much, I actually have 2. Whether you are setting up for the perfect selfie or behind the scenes shot...or teaching your audience how to make something. There is no better mount that allows you to get so many angles.  


6. Rollo Printer

If you are shipping regularly and don't know about the Rollo printer, you are missing out. I've tried several label printers over the years, and this one is hands down the best!!

Learn more about the Rollo printer and more of my favorite shipping tools HERE!


7. Shipping Scale

A good shipping scale is an important component of any e-commerce business. Even a half of a pound off in the wrong direction could be costly! Upgrade your scale today. This is the one I use at the warehouse.


8. Bed Risers

Does your back hurt from bending over a table that is too low for long periods of time? A DIY hack we love is to use bed risers to raise your tables or workstations. Raise them up 3, 5, or 8" with this set!


9. T-shirt Folder

Fold t-shirts without even thinking! We love these t-shirt folders because every shirt comes out the same and fits perfectly in our packages. Go ahead and order more than one for your team. You will LOVE them!


10. Printer

How many packing slips do you print a month? We used a little desktop printer for way too long. It was constantly running out of ink and having paper jams. I love this all-in-one printer. We can print hundreds of invoices and packing slips in minutes.



Investing in your business is something you should do every month. Start a wishlist and add the items that would help uplevel your business and set aside a part of your budget each month to purchase with. 

If one item saved you time or money, it will pay for itself immediately! These are all items I use in my warehouse every month.

Happy shopping!!



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