How To Brand Basic Packaging For A Subscription Box

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Learn how to take basic subscription box packaging to the next level with affordable custom touches.  

You will also find inspiration for your subscription box packaging from some of our Launch Your Box member images shared throughout this article.

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The packaging you choose for your subscription box matters. You work so hard selecting items to curate the perfect box for your subscribers. But first impressions matter and creating an outstanding experience starts when your box arrives at a subscriber’s front door. 

Does this mean I want you to spend a lot of money on a custom-designed box right away? 


When you’re getting started, investing in custom packaging does not make good business sense. 



You learn so much during the first few months of having a subscription box, including whether the size box you thought you needed will actually serve your needs long term. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on custom packaging and then discovering your boxes are the wrong side. That’s the type of expensive lesson I want you to avoid learning. 

Custom packaging should wait until your subscription box generates enough monthly recurring revenue to justify the cost of it. Remember, you want to be profitable from the start. 

It's still essential to brand your packaging to increase brand exposure and get your subscribers excited about their subscription before they even open the box. 

So, how can you have branded packaging and stay on budget? 

Let’s talk about ways to take inexpensive, basic packaging to the next level and create a first impression that excites subscribers. Remember, basic doesn’t have to mean boring! 

Check out this blog for more on subscription box packaging. 



Custom Stamp 

You might be surprised by how easy it is to turn a basic box into one that is on brand and full of excitement with a simple stamp. 

When I first started my Monogram Box subscription, I knew I couldn’t invest in custom packaging and be profitable. Being profitable from the start was very important to me. Basic packaging was the only choice that made sense for my business. 




I started out with basic brown craft boxes and plain tissue paper. I used a custom stamp to add personality and excitement to my box. Yes, it was basic packaging. But the stamp turned that plain box into an on-brand, fun billboard for my business. 

This basic packaging with a custom stamp worked perfectly until I reached my revenue goal and was able to invest more in packaging.  

Members of Launch Your Box amaze me with their creativity when it comes to using stamps to customize basic boxes. You can, too! All you need is a custom made stamp or two and ink! 


Custom Labels   

Custom Labels are another great option. They are more cost-effective than custom packaging but can still make a big impact.


Out of the Box - Pride Box Subscription


A colorful, on-brand label in a size large enough to cover the top of your box is very effective. 


The Beautiful Movement Subscription Box


You can print labels yourself, order them online, or have them printed at a local print shop.


Your Brand Colors   

During my FREE 6 in 60 Workshop, you plan six months of curated boxes. In that workshop, I talk about the importance of creating an experience for your subscriber by choosing a theme or color palette for each box. It’s all part of the experience. 



The same is true for the packaging. Brand colors are a great way to add personality and brand identity to your box. Purchase poly mailers, tape, or tissue paper in your brand colors. 


Custom Tape  

Another fun way to dress up a basic white or brown box is with custom tape. Not only is this a way to bring your brand colors, logo, and some excitement to your box, it’s also a clean-looking way to seal the box without a bunch of extra packing tape. 



The BookJoy Club


A lot of custom box companies and places like Sticker Mule have extras available for purchase. They can be printed with your logo or in fun patterns that match your brand colors. Most make custom stickers too, allowing you to have even more fun with packaging while sticking to your budget. 


The Creative Spark Art Box


Tissue Paper  

Although you can’t see it on the outside of the box, tissue paper is an inexpensive way to bring your branding inside. 

Your options are almost endless when it comes to tissue paper. Choose paper in your brand colors, a fun design, or have it custom printed with your logo. Wrap select items in custom printed paper or layer it into your box mixed with solid colors to make it stretch. 


Custom Insert 

Inside each box, continue branding your packaging with an informational insert. I use a cute 5x7 printed card that matches the context of my box, but you can choose the size that works best for your box.

Inserts should highlight the products in your box, talk about your inspiration for the box, and include a personal touch. Learn more about subscription box inserts HERE.



Packaging is one of my favorite parts of planning a subscription box. My subscription packages have gone through many stages and designs to get to where they are now. Choose one or combine a few of these tips to take your basic box to the next level. 

To learn even more about subscription box packaging, download my FREE packaging cheat sheet. 




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