How To Brand Basic Packaging For A Subscription Box

blog packaging Jul 06, 2020


You worked hard to curated the perfect subscription box, and you want to impress your subscribers when they see your package arrive at their door. First impressions matter! However, when you start a subscription box, it isn't best to invest a ton into custom packaging. I recommend starting with something simple until you generate enough revenue to cover the pretty packaging cost. Yet, it's still essential to brand your packaging to increase brand exposure and make your subscriptions an enjoyable experience from the start.

But, how do you have branded packaging and stay on budget?

I am going to share with you how to take inexpensive, basic packaging to the next level and add some pizazz. Basic doesn't have to be boring!

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Custom Stamp

When I first started my Monogram Box subscription I could not afford custom packaging and be profitable. I used basic brown boxes, brown tissue paper, and a custom stamp. I did this for months until I reached my personal goal and was able to invest more in packaging.  All you need is a custom made stamp or two and ink!



Custom Labels

Custom Labels are more cost-effective than custom packaging but still pack a punch in color and size. My Monogram Box for Kids is a quarterly subscription box, and a white box with a large label is the perfect solution for inexpensive packaging while still displaying my brand each month. You can print labels yourself, order them online, or have them printed at a local print shop.

I use a local print shop to save on ink and have varying sizes and designs made. You will see them used on my Monogram Box for Kids and Tees 4 Teachers subscriptions.


Your Brand Colors

Don't underestimate the power of color! Purchasing poly mailers, tape, or tissue paper in your brand colors will go along way.


Custom Tape

Spruce up a basic white or brown box with cute custom tape. A lot of custom box companies have extras you can buy. They can be printed with your logo or in fun patterns that match your brand. Most make custom stickers too!


Tissue Paper

Not on the outside of the box but a creative way to bring branding inside. Just like custom printed tape you can find awesome tissue paper that can be printed with your logo! Wrap select items or layer it into your box mixed with solid colors to make it stretch. 


Custom Insert

Inside each box, you can continue your branding with your informational insert. I use a cute 5x7 printed card that matches the context of my box.



Highlight the products, include your inspiration for the box, and add your signature for that personal touch. Find more on subscription box inserts HERE.


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You can find great inexpensive packaging like these on Amazon. Choose one or mix a few of these simple ways to the brand basic packaging. My subscription packages have gone through many stages and designs to get to where they are now.

No matter where you start, add a touch of customization, then with just a glance, your subscribers will look forward to opening your subscription!






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