Subscription Box Packaging Basics

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Packaging is one of my most favorite parts of my subscription box! This is the face of your company. The first thing everyone will see each time their subscription arrives. With "all the things" you have to keep in order when starting a subscription box, packaging can be one of the most fun and stressful. Here is my breakdown of subscription box packaging basics you need to know to launch your box.

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THE Custom Box

You've seen them, those highly branded, colorfully printed subscription boxes. Your subscribers will look forward to opening one of these boxes and the experience it holds. They have a higher perceived value to the consumer and are a must for high priced subscriptions.

You know I love a custom box, and Packlane is hands down the best to work with! They have an expanding product line from paper mailers, to tissue paper, or boxes. No minimum order size, and you can design your box easily on their website without waiting for a quote! I have tried so many custom box options, and I like Packlane so much that I have a referral link that will give you $25 off your first order!



While custom printed packaging is the end goal, these more expensive boxes aren't the best option in the beginning.


Custom Brown Box

Don't judge these!! For less cost, you can have what looks like a traditional brown box printed with your label. This simple and modern look may even be on-brand!

More affordable than the glossy color of the previously mentioned, check out for what I think would be perfect for home decor or craft supply subscription box.

Having the box printed for you saves you time from hand stamping each one yourself, but still communicating your brand with each package sent.



Plain White/Brown Craft Box

This is a great place to start out! If your subscription has hard objects, you won't be able to use poly mailers. When you don't have the revenue yet to invest in custom printed boxes, a plain box is a big cost-saver! Especially when you have a small number of subscribers and can't order large amounts.

I started with a basic brown box and tissue paper from Uline, who have a broader range of sizes, or THESE on Amazon with a stamp! And I still use a white box with a custom sticker for my quarterly subscription box for kids.



Get all my simple ideas on how to brand basic packaging HERE.


Custom Poly Mailers

Just like custom printed boxes, you can get beautifully printed poly mailers. Poly mailers are perfect for cutting down on your overall costs and shipping! Great for small items and those subscriptions that do not have hard objects. I use a custom poly mailer for my T-Shirt Club, and once I reach my subscriber goal for my new Tees 4 Teachers subscription box, I will be creating some for it as well!


I have been using Plus Packaging for over a year now.  With the minimum order being 3000pc, you have to have a good subscriber base, but the larger the order, the lower the price. Packlane is also a good option!


Mass Printed or Plain Poly Mailers

There are so many options of colorful poly mailers on the market without paying the price for customization! You can choose from cute patterns, solid on-brand colors, or get white and add a sticker! I still use these from Amazon for a lot of my product sales. I recently included a large monogrammed tote bag in my subscription box and an XL turquoise poly mailer with a large custom sticker was the best solution to ship them in. A box would have been so expensive!



When you are first beginning a subscription box, it is best to start with the basics. Don't sink a ton of money into custom mailers until you have the revenue to cover them.  If you already have a product-based business, use the packaging you currently use.  The main goal is to be profitable from day one.






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