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I have grown my brick and motor store over recent years to include e-commerce and multiple subscription services. Product shipping was new to me, and I quickly found out there is a lot of trial and error in learning what will work best for your business. I have packed and shipped SO MANY BOXES, and as the years have gone on, my methods of shipping have definitely evolved. Today I am sharing my top five shipping must-haves to help you jump right into shipping efficiently!

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I want to show you what I have learned to love over the years and how these shipping tools can help you. Whether you ship a lot of products or are new to the game, these tools are just what you need.

My Five Favorite Shipping Tools




As a product-based business owner, you need a quality scale to weigh everything you need to ship. This is the scale I use. I love that I am able to check that all the items I choose to include in my subscriptions will stay within a specific range (keep shipping costs low) and accurately weigh all my packages to have them prepared for when the postal service arrives.


Packing Tape Gun

The best way to be taping all those packages! If you are still using the small, plastic tape dispenser you can get at the grocery store, you need to upgrade. Tape guns like THIS are sturdy, hold a larger capacity tape roll, and help you move along so much faster.



Rollo Label Printer

Is love too strong a feeling for an object? LOL. The Rollo Label Printer is what I use to print all my shipping labels. This printer will work with any direct thermal label and is compatible with all major couriers and software platforms.

This printer has really stepped up my label printing game! It never needs ink, prints extremely fast, and no special skills are required to set it up!


Fan Fold Labels

I will never go back to the roll! I like these fanfold labels much more than the roll because when they print, they form a stack instead of jumbling together.

Keep things neat and tidy as your Rollo printer works away printing labels for all those products and subscription boxes you need to set on their way.




Shipstation is a must for bulk shipping! Inside this shipping platform, you can pull up the name of the orders you are shipping in bulk, select the ones you want to create labels for, and then they will all print at once. The platform is easy to use and will simplify the shipping process for any business owner. By combining Shipstation with your Rollo Label Printer, you can print hundreds of labels at a time, making this a perfect pair for shipping all those subscriptions!


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Are you still prepping for packing day? Check out my blog all about packaging basics and download my Packaging Cheat Sheet full of my favorite resources!

I hope this helps you streamline your shipping day.






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