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Launching your subscription box is a huge milestone. There is so much work that goes into getting to the point where you’re ready to launch. 

Identifying your ideal customer, curating the first six months of boxes (I teach you how inside the 6 in 60 Workshop), and building your audience. Then there’s figuring out the tech, the packaging, the shipping, the marketing, and so much more. 

Just getting to the point where you’re launching your subscription box can feel like running a marathon. And when you do launch? There’s more to be done. But first, remember to take time to celebrate. 



Inside my coaching membership, Launch Your Box, once members have launched and they’re working on perfecting their processes and delighting their subscribers, they start looking for the next goal. 

What should that next goal be? 

I suggest setting a goal of reaching 100 subscribers. That was my goal when I first started my Monogram Box. I knew 100 subscribers would give me enough recurring revenue to create the level of security in my business I needed. 

Today I’m taking you through four specific things to focus on to grow your subscription box to 100 subscribers and beyond. 


1. Be consistent. 

Consistency is so important when it comes to your subscription box business. Especially when you’re talking about growing your business. 

Curate your boxes carefully to ensure you provide a consistent experience for your subscribers every month. Even when the items inside are a surprise, your subscribers should know the kind of feeling and experience they’ll get from your box, every time. 

Show up for your audience - consistently. Share your subscription box with them, generating excitement for your subscribers and FOMO for your not-yet subscribers. 



And when you show up, make sure you share yourself, too. Your subscription business depends on building lasting relationships with your subscribers. That takes consistency and authenticity. 

Make sure you’re doing four things consistently: 

  1. Plan your boxes… consistently
  2. Go LIVE… consistently
  3. Email your list… consistently 
  4. Post on social media… consistently. 

Being consistent is so important that I wrote an entire blog post about it. Click here to read it.


2. Have your messaging nailed.        

Your messaging, the way you talk to your audience, is so important. It’s the difference between attracting your ideal customer and… not. 

We talk about the importance of truly getting to know your ideal customer. Understanding who they are, what they like, what problems they are trying to solve. Especially the problems or challenges your subscription box solves for them. 

It’s not enough to have this information. You have to then use it in your messaging. Use language that connects with your ideal customer - their language. Make it clear that you understand your ideal customer’s pain points, and that you are there to help them. 

If you’re still working on getting to know your ideal customer, check out this blog post.



3. Have a great offer.   

Of course, simply speaking to your ideal customer in their language isn’t enough. You need to be offering them something they can’t resist. 

In the world of subscription boxes, what makes a great offer? 

Price is important. It’s not the most important thing, but it does matter. Is your subscription box priced right? This means doing some research to find out what your ideal customer is willing to pay for what you’re offering. 

Being priced right also means paying close attention to your cost of goods and your profit margin. Remember, you’re in business to be profitable. 

Beyond the price of your box, make sure you are creating a truly outstanding experience for your subscribers. This means curating a box with care and attention to detail. 

Does your box have a theme or a color that connects everything inside? Do you guide your subscribers through the box with a well-thought-out insert? 

What is it that makes your subscription box stand out? What makes the experience you give your subscribers different? 


4. Show up.  

When you’re selling a subscription box, you’re asking people to commit to buying from you every month. That’s a big deal. 

My subscribers are making a bigger decision - a bigger commitment to me - than my customers who make a one-time purchase from my online store. I value both groups of customers but realize that my subscribers need a little more from me. 

My subscribers want to connect with me. They want to feel like they’re part of something. And I LOVE connecting with them. 

I love when a subscriber responds to a text from me about that month’s box by sending me a picture showing how much she loved it. 

As you work to gain more subscribers, take time to connect with your audience. Let them get to know you. Share information, share your own experiences. Give value to them. 

Remember to serve before you sell.

Connect with your audience via social media posts and reels, Facebook LIVES, and email. Yes, email. You should email your list every week. Wondering what to put in those emails? This blog post breaks it down and makes it easy for you. 



Reaching 100 subscribers is a major milestone on your subscription box journey. It is absolutely attainable if you follow these four steps - consistently. And when you do reach 100 subscribers, I’ll be here ready to celebrate with you! 

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