5 Things Subscription Box Businesses Should Email Their List Each Week

blog email marketing Sep 19, 2021


I host a monthly Live Q&A for Launch Your Box members inside the Facebook group. I love these chances to hear what’s on our members’ minds. Answering the questions they have - right then - helps them move forward and take that next step. And y’all - it’s all about taking the next step!

During a recent call, a member asked, “What do I email my list each week?”

This is a great question. And one I get regularly. When you only sell one product - your subscription box - it can be hard to create weekly emails about that ONE thing.

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I also loved getting this question because it showed this LYB member knows how important email marketing is. Email marketing needs to be part of your audience building strategy.



Yes, you should be on social media and having fun posting stories and creating reels. But, your email list? That is yours. You own it. I’ve heard from friends and Launch Your Box members who have been put in Facebook or Instagram “jail” and were locked out of their accounts. And others who had their accounts shut down. All the work they had done to build their audiences - suddenly gone.

Treat your email list like the valuable business asset it is and talk to those people. Provide value to them, let them get to know you, nurture them and relate to them.

If wondering what to talk about in those weekly emails is holding you back, I’m going to solve that problem for you right now.

Break your email marketing strategy down into five categories and rotate them.


Email #1 - Monthly Unboxing

One of your monthly emails should be your unboxing of the current month’s box. The goal of this email is to create excitement and FOMO among those members of your list who are not yet subscribers! There are a few ways you can do this.


Send them to your live unboxing on social media.

Give them a sneak peek inside the email - just enough to hook them and make them want to see more. Attach a screenshot of your live that takes them straight to your live unboxing when they click on it.

Check out this blog post and this podcast episode to learn all about the elements of a great live unboxing.

The CTA: watch your live.



Send them to your blog unboxing on your website.

Each month, I create a blog for that month’s box. I highlight the theme as well as each item in the box. I also provide information about how to become a subscriber. This email can follow the same format as the one for the live unboxing - give them a sneak peek, then let them click over to your site to see the full reveal and find out how to subscribe.

The CTA: click over to the blog post on your website.


Do a box reveal right inside the email.

I would love for you to do one of the first two options. But… if you aren’t comfortable going live yet or you haven’t started a blog yet, you can still do a box reveal right inside your email.

The CTA: join your waitlist or follow you on social media.


Email #2 - Subscriber Shares

I love sharing pictures, messages, and comments from my subscribers. When they send an action shot of themselves using an item from the box… even better!

Create excitement and FOMO with this email. Make them WANT to be a subscriber after seeing how much your current subscribers are enjoying the contents of their box.

The CTA: join your waitlist or subscribe.


Email #3 - 5 Ways to Use Your Box

One of the biggest hurdles we face as subscription box owners is getting our subscribers to “consume” the contents of the box. Help solve this problem by showing your email list how to use each item in different ways.

Things like:

  • 5 ways to style your tee
  • 3 uses for your new bag
  • 3 ways to decorate your home with the July box

The CTA: consume the items in the box.


Email #4 - Sneak Peek

The goal of this email is to get your list excited about the next box… or even the next several boxes. I love sharing a sneak peek of an upcoming box to get my subscribers excited and my non-subscribers wanting to join. I tease them with a few upcoming themes in the copy and leave them with a call to action to join!

The CTA: join your waitlist or subscribe.


Email #5 - Behind the Scenes

Our audiences LOVE getting a peek behind the scenes of our businesses. Once a month, take them along the journey as you design, make, or pack items for your box. The more they see, the more they are invested in the final product.

This is also a great way to let them get to know more about you and the why behind your subscription box business. Let them feel the love you have for your subscribers and the excitement you feel each month when it’s time to send them another box to experience.

The CTA: join your waitlist or subscribe.



Even if the only thing you sell in your business is a subscription box, you can create interesting content to send to your list each month. Remember, your goal is to build connections with your audience and create raving fans.

It’s time to stop overthinking email marketing. Simply choose one of the types of emails to start with and get started!


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