Consistency is Key to a Successful Business

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Consistency is key to a successful business

Unlock the secrets to growing your subscription box business with consistent habits. Put these proven strategies into practice to ensure your subscription box stands out every month. Consistency is key to success!


Are you consistent in your subscription box business? 

Do your boxes provide a consistent experience to your subscribers each month? Are the quality and type of items consistent? Even if they don’t know what specific items to expect, are you providing a consistent experience, creating consistent feelings in your subscribers? 

Do you show up for your audience consistently? Are you sharing your subscription box, your why, and yourself with your audience? 

When it comes to building a successful business, consistency is key. And when your business depends on building lasting relationships with subscribers, that is even more true. 

Today we’re talking about five ways to be consistent in your business.


1. Plan your boxes… consistently.    

Take stress out of your business by planning your boxes well ahead of time. You should plan a minimum of three months ahead (or three boxes if you have a bi-monthly or quarterly box). Planning ahead allows you to be intentional, to create a consistent experience for your subscribers. And that is important for retention. 

I recommend planning six months ahead at all times. This is the process I use in my own business. It lets me focus on curating an exceptional experience for my subscribers each month and allows time to work around any product sourcing issues that may come up.



If you haven’t gone through my 6 in 60 Workshop, now’s your chance. Inside this FREE workshop, I take you through the same process I use to plan six months’ worth of subscription boxes in only an hour. During the workshop, you’ll identify and get to know your ideal customer and curate six boxes they’re sure to love.


2. Go Live with your audience… consistently.        

Building your subscription box business means building your Know, Like, Trust factor with your audience. And that means showing up for them and sharing with them. LIVE. 

You’ve got to show up. Y’all, I say this All. The. Time. And nothing’s changed. If you want to grow your audience and grow your subscription box business, you have to go LIVE. 

Create a schedule for yourself. Tell your audience you’ll be LIVE with them the same day and time each week. Make an appointment with them and you won’t back out. 

I go LIVE with my retail audience at least once a week, sharing new products and connecting with them. And every month, I do a LIVE unboxing of that month’s subscription box. It’s a chance to engage with my subscribers and generate some FOMO with those people who are not yet subscribers. I get to share the story of that month’s box, talking about what inspired me and letting my audience in on my “why.”



Listen to episode 125 of the Launch Your Box Podcast for more about why you need to make a LIVE unboxing part of your marketing plan. 

Almost three years ago, I realized I hadn’t been showing up consistently for my coaching audience. I knew that needed to change. So I committed to going LIVE on my How to Start a Subscription Box with Sarah Williams Facebook page every week for “Monday Momentum.” I coach and inspire my audience every week, serving and engaging. I love it and my audience loves it, too. If you haven’t seen a Monday Momentum, stop by soon - it happens every Monday at 10 AM CST.  



I know going LIVE can be scary at first. But it’s so worth it! For tips, strategies, and a pep talk, check out this blog post. I promise it gets easier!


3. Email your list… consistently.   

Your email list is a business asset. Truly. Unlike your social media accounts, you own your email list. 

Remember when Facebook and Instagram went down for almost an entire day a couple months ago? Yeah - me, too. And, like everyone else, I panicked for a hot second. I post on social media a lot. I stay in touch with my audience, share products from my online store, promote sales. How could I do that without Facebook or IG? 

The solution was simple. Email. 

I hopped into my email service provider and sent out a quick email to my list. I was able to connect with them - and generate sales - quickly and easily, all without social media. 

If you’re not emailing your list consistently, you’re leaving money on the table. 



Send one email a week. Talk about your upcoming LIVE, new arrivals in your online or brick and mortar shop, share a box reveal or something seasonal. 

Email your list to nurture them, building and strengthening your connection with them. Then, when it’s time to sell something or launch your subscription box, you’ll be talking to a warm audience who is ready to buy. 

Check out this blog post for help with what to email your list each week. 


4. Post on social media… consistently.   

Here’s the thing. Social media doesn’t work unless you work it. Social media won’t do the work for you. 

In order to build your audience, you need to post consistently. Create a plan and stick to it. Start with one post a day, then two. Your goal is to work your way up to three really intentional posts a day. 

Wondering what and how to share? This blog post about the importance of being authentic when you show up for your audience will help! 



5. Share about your subscription box… consistently.   

Talk about your subscription box. A lot. In our minds, we think people have heard enough about our boxes. The truth? We’re not talking about them enough. 

Share your subscription box with your audience. Show off each item throughout the month. Create community and excitement through box reveals, sneak peeks, and more. Talk to your audience about ways to use the items in your box. 

And when a subscriber shares excitement about your box or shares the box on their own social media? Share it. Celebrate your subscribers and their love for your box! 

Talking about your box creates buzz, builds community, and creates that all-important FOMO. 

If you’re not currently doing any of these things consistently, don’t try to do all five at once. Pick one. Work on it. Make it a habit. Get good at it. And then layer on the next one. Keep it up until you are doing all five things consistently. 

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