4 Subscription Box Insert Ideas

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4 Subscription Box Insert Ideas


Adding inserts to your subscription box is more than just information.  They increase a customer's experience and their perceived value of the box.  Adding inserts can give your box an extra 25% perceived value at very little cost, in turn making your ROI a lot higher.

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Why do we need inserts in the subscription box?

Inserts in your subscription box serve several purposes.  Added value, information about your brand, extra instructions (aka customer service), and a call to action.  Let's break those down one by one.

Added Value

I love when an insert can be an item that is used.  Great examples of this are from @goodhabitbox and @yourbijouxbox.  They each have an inspirational saying to go along with the theme of their box and information on the back.  These can be framed or displayed anywhere you want.


This gives added value to the box because it's an additional item and not just tossed after they go through their box.


Information About Your Brand

Having an insert with information about you or your brand can help create connections.  Tell the story of your brand or theme of your box each month.  Make sure it's conversational and in your voice so it's easy to read and connect with you.
This is a great insert to add to your website or socials and thank your customer!

@spotlightboxstore has a gorgeous foldover insert that really connects the subscriber to the mission of the box.  It features information about the black-owned businesses inside her box and so much more for her subscribers.
@gpigbox knows exactly how to speak their subscribers' language with their play on words and fun quirks.

Extra Instructions

Just because you know what each item is and does, doesn't mean all your subscribers will.  I love when a box insert lists each item and how to use it.  You will see inserts like this in all kinds of boxes, from beauty to DIY. 
Two of my favorites are from @luxelybeautybox and @rusticglittertx.
Both of these inserts take the guesswork out of the box for their subscriber.  They are more likely to consume the box and be ready to receive the next one.  When someone doesn't know what an item is or what to do with it, it creates a barrier for consumption.  When box items aren't consumed, cancellations go up.
Eliminate unnecessary emails or frustrations by providing extra information or instructions on your inserts.

Call to Action

Every box should have some sort of call to action.  This can be on its own insert, printed on the box, or included with another insert.
The best call to action for a box would be to share a picture and tag you.  This will generate free advertising for you, and also give you something to share on your own social media.  Reaching new audiences is important for any subscription box owner, how can you incentivize your subscribers to share more?!?  Feature them on your page, add a bonus item to their box, give a discount code for additional purchases, etc.  There are so many ways you do this. 
A few of my favorite call-to-action inserts are from @uniquely_you and @cheekymugs.
Whether it's one or three, inserts make the subscription box feel more like an experience and very little cost.   You don't have to be a graphic designer to create one, use the postcard template in Canva and get started!  It's easy to make a QR Code and send them directly to your site as well!

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