How a Blog Can Help Your Subscription Box Business

blog marketing Jul 24, 2022


What do you think of when you think about a blog? Is it someone sharing their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences? Or maybe someone teaching you how to do something step by step? You might immediately think of food bloggers or travel bloggers where the dreamy pictures are more important than the words that go with them. 

I’ve been blogging for a long time now. My blog is where I teach and share information that is valuable to my audience. It’s also a place where brand new followers find me organically. For free. 



Think about that. When someone goes to Google and types in a question about the costs of starting a subscription box, or how to source products from overseas, or choosing a subscription box niche, guess whose content shows up in those search results? That’s right, mine. I carefully choose topics I know my audience has questions about and I answer them. 

What if I told you a blog could be a hero for your subscription box business? 

That’s right. I said a hero. Not like Superman or Captain America are heroes. But more like the MVP of a soccer team is a hero. That one player who makes everything happen, who makes everyone around them better. 



That’s what a blog can do for your subscription box business. It can act as the center of your content strategy from which so many other pieces of content flow. 

Today I want to talk to you about five pieces of content you can create from one hero piece of content - a single blog post. 


1. Weekly emails. 

We’ve talked about how important your email list is to your subscription box business. These are the people who have said, “Yes, I’m interested in learning more about you.” These are the people you need to serve, nurture, and connect with so that when it’s time to launch your subscription box, they’re not just ready to buy, they’re excited about buying. This blog post goes into detail about what you can email your list every week - and yes, you should be emailing them every week! 

The number one question business owners have when it comes to email marketing is, “What do I say?” Not knowing what to write in the email stops a lot of business owners from sending anything at all. 



This is where the blog post starts acting like the hero it is. If you have a gluten-free baking subscription box, you could write a blog post about five gluten-free breakfast baked goods. From that, you can write five emails, each one highlighting one of the baked goods - providing a recipe or talking about a specialized ingredient. 

Each of those five emails provides value to your audience, establishes you as the expert, and takes almost no time to write since you’ve already written the blog! 


2. Weekly LIVES.  

There is no better way to connect - truly connect - with your online audience than by going LIVE on Facebook or Instagram. And yes, I know how hard it can be when you’re just getting started. There is something about being live on camera with an audience you can’t see that scares a lot of us. It used to scare me, too. 

But it’s so important. I can’t let you off the hook when it comes to LIVES. What I can do is offer tips and strategies to help make it a little easier to get started. This blog post will help. 



When we talk about going LIVE inside Launch Your Box, the first objection members give is that they don’t know what to talk about. Again, here comes that hero - your blog. 

The topic of your blog makes a great topic for a LIVE. Every month, I write a style-guide blog for my T-Shirt Club subscription. I style that month’s cute tee five different ways, showing my audience how versatile it is and how many different looks can be made centered around that one tee. I can do the same thing on a LIVE, sharing those same looks with my online audience, engaging with them in the comments and having fun with them. 

I can even take this blog and use it as source material for one of my Monday Momentum LIVES on my How to Start a Subscription Box page! 


3. Social media posts.  

In order for your social media strategy to work, you have to be consistent. That means posting multiple times a week, every week. I actually recommend you post a few times a day every day. 

That sounds like a LOT of content, I’m sure. And if you’re sitting down to create your posts without a plan, it will seem like a lot. But if you start with that hero piece of content - that blog - and draw ideas for your social media posts from that, it won’t seem like such a daunting task. 

Going back to my t-shirt style guide post, as I’m taking photos of each of the looks, I’m also creating a social media post or two that goes with each picture. If I style that tee five different ways, that’s at least five different posts that come from it. 



Our gluten-free baking subscription box owner can use the blog about breakfast baked goods to create several posts. Each baked good can star in its own series of posts. Think of all the social media posts that can be created from those five baked goods! Behind the scenes as they’re being baked, serving suggestions, family members enjoying them, etc. 


4. Pinterest pins.  

Pinterest is a HUGE search engine. It is also the number two source of traffic to my website. People go to Pinterest to search for all kinds of things. Their searches can lead them to one of your blog posts which then leads them to all you offer on your website, including your subscription box. 

Every time you write a blog, you need to create pins for that blog. 


5. Instagram reels and TikTok videos.  

Short video is where it’s at right now. Instagram is asking for it, TikTok is all about it, and your audience wants it. Short, attention-grabbing videos that teach and entertain. 

But where can you get ideas for all these videos? From that blog post, of course. A DIY subscription box owner might write a blog talking about five storage solutions for craft supplies. Every crafter faces the struggle of how and where to keep all the things she needs for her hobby (and all the things she doesn’t need but couldn’t resist buying.) 



Think about how much fun that subscription box owner could have creating reels and TikToks showing off those five storage solutions. There are endless possibilities to demonstrate, go behind the scenes, and just have fun. Think of all the great before and after videos she could make. Don’t forget to add trending music and some fun effects! 

You’ll want to listen to two episodes of the Launch Your Box podcast for tips and strategies to create great short videos and to learn how to harness the power of TikTok. Check out episode 37 and episode 75.



Creating content is vitally important to the success of your subscription box business, from the time you first start building your audience. It can seem daunting if you don’t have a well-thought-out, efficient strategy that involves repurposing content. Start with a main piece of content - like a blog post - and let it feed the rest of your content machine. 


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