How a Blog Can Help Your Subscription Box Business

blog marketing seo Jan 22, 2023

Discover how a blog can boost your website’s SEO and help your ideal customers find your subscription box business.


What comes to mind when you think  about a blog? Is it someone sharing their personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences? Or maybe someone teaching you how to do something step by step? You might immediately think of food bloggers or travel bloggers where the dreamy pictures are more important than the words that go with them. But… have you thought about adding a blog to your subscription box business? 

You should.


I’ve been blogging for a long time. My blog is where I teach and share information that is valuable to my audience. It’s also a place where brand new followers find me organically. For free. 



Think about that. When someone goes to Google and types in a  question about the costs of starting a subscription box, or how to source products from overseas, or choosing a subscription box niche, guess whose content shows up in those search results? That’s right, mine. I carefully choose topics I know my audience has questions about and I write blog posts that answer those questions. 

What if I told you a blog could be a superhero for your business? 

That’s right, I said a superhero. Not like Superman or Captain America are heroes. More like the MVP of a soccer team is a hero. You know, that one player who makes everything happen and who makes everyone around them better. A blog can be that for your subscription box business especially when it comes to SEO. 



SEO or search engine optimizations is all about how people find you and your business. When your ideal customer is looking for a solution to a problem or an answer to a question and turns to Google, SEO is what helps them find YOU. Your business and your solution to their problem. 

SEO needs to be an important part of your strategy to drive more - and new - traffic to your website. 

So how can blogging help with SEO? 


Blogging provides necessary fresh content.  

I talk a lot about the importance of being consistent. Consistent with social media marketing. Consistent with email marketing. Blogging is no different. In order to be truly effective, you need to blog consistently. 

Google rewards websites that provide visitors with fresh, regular content. The bots will look more favorably on a website that was updated recently with new blog content than on one that hasn’t been updated in a long time. The result? Higher SEO rankings.



Fresh, high quality content will drive more traffic to your website. Commit to blogging regularly, providing value and answering the questions your ideal customer is asking. 


A blog allows you to target more keywords.      

SEO keywords are the words and phrases people enter in Google’s search bar that - hopefully - lead them to your website. 

If you have not yet done your keyword research to find out what short and long-tail keywords you should be using on your website, make that a priority. Check out this blog post for more about keyword research. 



Your keywords should appear on your website’s home page and about page, of course. They should also be on your subscription box landing page or sales page as well as in any product listings, especially your subscription box product listing. 

Because it tends to be longer and contain more copy, a blog post is a place where you can really target those short and long-tail keywords. This is especially true for long-tail keywords that answer questions. The type of questions people who would be new to you and your business might ask.  


Blog posts allow you to easily add internal links.  

An internal link is a type of hyperlink that leads a visitor to another page or resource on your website. Google likes - and rewards - internal links. The reason? They give the Google bots more content to crawl through, helping them better understand what your website is actually about.  



A blog is an easy and effective place to add these links. Let’s say you have a self-care subscription box for moms with problem skin and you’ve written a blog post about the importance of a morning skincare routine. It’s easy to include a link to another post you wrote about choosing the right type of cleanser for different skin challenges. And, of course, you’d also link to the product listing of each product you mention that you sell on your site as well as your subscription box listing. 

Think about the types of questions your audience asks and the problems your subscription box solves just like you did when brainstorming keywords. The answers to those questions make perfect topics for blog posts. The kind of content your audience and the Google bots will love! 



Put a blog to work for your business. Produce good content, consistently. Done right, a blog can boost your SEO, helping you find new people and sending them to your website. And every time you post a blog, make sure you share it on social media. This will help you drive even more traffic to your website. 

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