What To Post On Your Business Social Media Page

blog social media strategies Aug 17, 2020


I am often asked how to increase social media followers, engagement, reach, link clicks... you name it. The main goal for businesses using social media is to have an active page to keep your audience warm. Then when you have a product launch, you are delivering the right product to the right people, which in turn will improve overall sales.

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But the idea of coming up with content to post to social media every day, or more, seems like an impossible task. Social media can be overwhelming!

I have found a few basic content types that have really helped gain consistency in my social media plan that I am sharing below.


6 Types Of Social Media Content



What are the benefits of your offer or product? First access, exclusive designs, convenience, discounts, etc. Let everyone know all the perks of you business and products.



What are people saying about your products? A testimonial is priceless, but if you have a relatively new business or product and don't have reviews yet, you can use an anticipation comment. I pull comments from my social media posts all the time and create a quick graphic to share while saying, " Everyone is excited and we can't wait for..."


Video Clips

Video clips of anything, really! These clips do not have to be long and can include snippets of behind the scenes, a new product arrival, a quick how-to or tip. I have even ventured into fun clips that I have had my teen son edit together.


Behind The Scenes

People love a behind the scene look! We may think it is our boring day-to-day stuff that nobody will care to see, but in reality, everyone wants to see all the things behind our curtains.



Ask a question. Give a sneak peek. Get your followers opinion on a new item you are thinking of including. Put things out there that your followers are likely to respond to. Sometimes this is a silly meme or quote.


Going LIVE

On Facebook or Instagram, nothing is more powerful than going live. This was a hard one for me, and still is, but I knew I had to show up, be the face of my company and stand behind my product.

I do a Friday Faves every week on my Framed by Sarah FB Page. Lives don't have to only be about your product. Other fun ideas are Wine Wednesday, Coffee Chats, a fun DIY, just tell a story and show them what you have going on.

My best advice? START NOW! The more you go live, the more comfortable and genuine you will be with your followers. Give them that closer look at the person behind the scenes.

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When To Post To Social Media

So now you have an idea of what types of social media content to make, but when do you post them?

The best time I have found to post content on my FB business pages are in the morning when people are getting ready for the day, around lunch, and in the evening when everyone is winding down. No matter if you are posting three times a day or once, it's a good idea to take a look at your FB Insights, where you can see when your followers are online.

 When first getting in the groove of creating consistent content, it's a good idea to develop a plan with varied content types. As time goes on, watch and learn what your audience is responding to and make adjustments. Follow How To Start A Subscription Box with Sarah on FB to see how I implement all these social media post types.

Keep things fresh and throw in your personality! In the end, you will build a community and give a positive impression of you and your brand.






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