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blog marketing social media strategies Aug 27, 2022

Learn how to build and engage your audience by consistently posting six different types of content.

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One of my favorite things to do inside my coaching membership, Launch Your Box, is opening members’ subscription boxes and giving feedback. I do this most months and my members love it! It’s a great chance to see what other members are doing to curate incredible experiences for their subscribers. They’re all able to apply what they learn from the feedback I provide. 

Recently, I opened some incredible boxes. I was so impressed with the creativity and care these members put into curating an experience for their subscribers, just like I taught them. What I wasn’t impressed with was how low their subscriber numbers were. 



With boxes that good, their numbers should have been much higher. 

So I put on my detective hat and did a little digging to figure out what the problem was. I started with a question that got my members squirming. 

I asked them to look back at the past month and count how many times they’d talked about their subscription boxes on social media. The results? They weren’t talking about their boxes enough. Not even close to enough!! 


How often should you post about your subscription box? 

You may feel like you’re talking about your subscription box all the time, but you’re probably not talking about it enough. I want you to talk about it at least 2-3 times a week – 4-5 times a week is even better. 

Does that sound like too much? It’s not. Trust me. Does this mean you’re posting the same post or sharing the same picture or saying the same thing 4-5 times a week? Of course not! 

You need to create enough content - and enough different types of content - to keep your audience interested and engaged. 



Listen to episode 56 of the Launch Your Box podcast for more on how often you should be talking about your subscription box.


It’s time to harness the power of your content. 

Ten years ago, business owners didn’t have to be content creators, but the very way we do business has changed. With all the digital media we have, you have no choice but to be a content creator. 

Instead of being frustrated by content creation or seeing it as this daunting chore, think about the power your content has. 

Your posts or videos or reels are content that Facebook and Instagram and TikTok use to understand who you are attracting. When people like and comment on your content, the platform sees that and goes to find you more people like that! 




If you’re not producing content consistently, Facebook and Instagram and TikTok don’t have anything to work with! 

I want to make content creation easier for you by sharing the six types of posts you should be creating. Instead of sitting down to create content without any idea what to post, use these categories to help you create more engaging content in less time.


6 Types Of Social Media Content


1. Engagement Posts

Any and every business benefits from engagement posts. Whether you are just starting out or already have an established business, there are so many ways to engage your following and gain traction on social media. 



Your goal with these posts is of course to engage your audience. To get them to react to your post by liking it, commenting on it, or sharing it with their audience. 

  • Ask a question - and respond to their answers. 
  • Ask “this or that” questions using pictures. 
  • Give a sneak peek of your upcoming subscription box. Ask them about it and your comments will fill up with guesses and excitement. 



Remember that your engagement posts still need to speak to your ideal customer. Post things that relate to what your ideal customer is thinking, feeling, and doing. Things they like or care about. Post a meme or quote your audience can share. 

For more on attracting the right customer with your social media, read this blog post


2. Behind the Scenes

People LOVE a peek behind the scenes of your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a video or static post, behind the scenes posts are always a hit. They allow your audience to feel more connected to you and invested in your product. And that’s exactly what you want! 



Don’t overthink your behind the scenes posts. Even the parts of your day you think are everyday or boring will be fascinating to them because it’s a chance to see “how it’s done.” 



Create posts that show you: 

  • Packing an order. 
  • Making your products. If you’re a maker, lean into this one! 
  • Folding subscription boxes. 
  • Filling subscription boxes. 
  • Prepping or packing your products. 


3. Problem/Solution or Benefits 

What problem does your product or subscription box solve for your audience? Create posts that speak to those problems and talk about how you can help solve them.



For example, if I’m creating a post for my T-Shirt Club subscription, I’ll:

Speak to the problem - “Do you walk into your closet each morning, flipping through hangers and wishing you had something new to wear?” 

Provide a Solution - “Join our T-Shirt Club and get a new tee delivered straight to your door month after month!” 

Every subscription box can be the solution to a problem. Think about your why - why did you want to start a subscription box and who do you serve. 

  • Create tutorials that show your audience how to use or style your products. 
  • Show the convenience of your monthly box. 


4. Reviews and Testimonials 

Do you know what’s even better than you talking about what makes your products or subscription box so great? One of your customers or subscribers doing it for you! 

What are people saying about your products? When customers or subscribers send you texts or messages or make comments on your posts, turn those into posts (get their permission first if it was a private message). 



And if you have a relatively new business or product and don’t have any reviews yet, use anticipation comments. The ones you’ll get when you’re engaging with your audience and talking about your upcoming products or subscription box! 

I pull comments from my social media posts all the time and create a quick graphic to share saying, “Everyone is excited and can’t wait for…” 

Create posts for:

  • Product reviews. 
  • Subscription box reviews. 
  • Comments on your posts in regard to excitement about what’s coming. 


5. Connection Posts

Creating a connection between you and your subscribers is one of the most important things you can do. That doesn’t mean getting more personal than you are comfortable with or sharing tiny details about your day like what you just ate for lunch. Instead, be strategic about what you share and how it ties into your business. 



  • Introduce yourself. 
  • Share your why. 
  • Share selfies of you using or wearing your products. 
  • Post about things you do during the day that speak to your ideal customer. (i.e., sitting in the school pickup line of doom. EVERY mom can relate to that one!) 


6. Product Posts

You have to post about your products in order for your audience to know they exist. They can’t buy something they don’t know about! 



Have fun with these posts and show off your products. 

  • Flat lays or styled pictures. 
  • Lifestyle pictures (the product in the actual setting you use it in - i.e., a picture of a home decor item displayed in your living room).
  • Collection posts. 
  • Past subscription box items in use. 
  • Product pairings.

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When should you post on social media?

So now you have an idea of what types of social media content to make, but when should you post them?

I’ve found the best times to post content on my Facebook business pages are in the morning when people are getting ready for the day, around lunch, and in the evening when everyone is winding down. Whether you post three times a day or once, take a look at your Facebook Insights where you can see when your followers are online.

If you’re new to creating consistent content, develop a plan with varied content types. As time goes on, watch and learn what your audience is responding to and make adjustments. In other words, give them more of what they want!  



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Keep things fresh and make sure to include your personality. Your hard work will pay off as you build a community and create positive impressions of you and your brand.

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