Four Simple Steps To Gain Your First 1000 Facebook Followers

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Now more than ever, it's essential to have a social media presence as a small business owner. A Facebook business page can help drive traffic to your site, build brand awareness, and increase product sales. But these conversions don't happen overnight, and it takes time and effort to see those numbers rise. One of the first steps to reaching those goals is to gain FB followers. You need eyes on your page. A warm audience! But starting a brand new page is like watching grass grow.

A month ago, I was sitting at 400 likes. I decided if I was going to open my Launch Your Box membership this month, I needed to start watering it and quit expecting it to grow on its own. I made a few adjustments to my social media strategy and finally reached 1000 FB followers, and it's still growing! Here's what I did to reach 1000 followers on my FB Business Page.


1. Post Regularly. 

Show that you are active, involved, and keep your content up to date.

I wasn't posting regularly in my How to Start a Subscription Box FB business page. I would throw a post or two up a week and thought that was going to do something. It was the bare minimum. I had to step up my game, and I am now posting daily. 

Make sure to reinforce your message and include call-to-actions. Stay on brand, and be consistent with your posts.


2. Provide Content That Will Encourage People To Follow. 

You can't just post memes and quotes all day. There has to be something more tangible to encourage gaining the right audience. To increase engagement I made a variety of types of posts along with graphics to catch a scrolling eye. 

I started: 

Asking questions to engage with followers and build a community.

Sharing blog posts of mine to reinforce my brand message.

Posting quick tips to create brand trust and keep an open dialogue where everyone could participate. 

And sharing wins about my Launch Your Box members so followers could relate or see themselves in those posts.

Get more ideas about What to Post on a Business Social Media Page HERE.


3. Create Video Content.

You know how I feel about going LIVE. It's just not my favorite., but I know that FB gives favor to live content. I started going live once a week on my FB business page. The first week, nobody was live with me. It's ok. I expected that. Three weeks in, I had eight people join me live, then the very next week it was 32 live viewers. 

During our latest launch, I created a specific FB live as an "event" in the events section.  This sent a reminder an hour before I was Live and I had 290 people show up live for this event, I was blown away!

Because of that live and all the juice these viewers gave my page, I am now at 1800 followers a week later.

Long story short.....Keep doing LIVE videos!!

Learn more about Creating a Connection with Customers Online HERE.


4. Start Running Ads. 

It's not a 'like' ad, but a conversion ad. It was for my ebook. What this ad did was piqued interest in my business and generated sales. Running Facebook ads also puts your content in front of more eyes. I was able to invite all those new people that "liked" my ad over to my page. 



Now that I have some growth, it's easier to continue the course. Keep going! Be consistent. With these four simple steps, you can begin growing your business page too.



 PS. If you aren't following me, head over to How to Start a Subscription Box with Sarah Williams, I'd love to have you join the conversation, share your wins and be a part of my community of subscription box rockstars!




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