10 Post Ideas When Starting Your Business

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Discover 10 post ideas to use when starting your business to help you get consistent and build your audience.  


Inside my subscription box coaching membership, Launch Your Box, I talk a lot about how important it is to post consistently on social media. When I’m asked questions about how to start a subscription box, I always tell them to start by posting engaging content - consistently. That is simply the best way to build an audience organically. 

I encourage - and sometimes push - my members to post daily and to talk about their subscription boxes regularly. When you are a product seller or have already launched your subscription box, coming up with ideas for effective, engaging content is easy. See this blog post for ideas. But when you’re a brand new business owner and haven’t launched your subscription box yet, it can be more challenging to come up with enough ideas to post content consistently. 



More challenging, but not impossible. 

Even before you are actually selling products, you can deliver great content that will engage your audience and attract more of your ideal customers. 

Today I’m going to take you through 10 different post ideas you can start posting right away, whether or not you’re selling products. own social media. 

These are ten types of posts I STILL use when planning my content and I’ve been in business for more than nine years!  


1. Share pictures of you.

Your audience wants to see you! They want to get to know you. Letting them see your face helps build your know/like/trust factor. And when they get to know, like, and trust you before you’re selling, they’re much more likely to be ready to buy when the time comes. 



Post pictures of you sitting behind your desk or holding a mock-up box. And don’t skimp on behind the scenes posts with you in them - people LOVE seeing what goes on behind closed doors.  

Your goal with these posts is to establish a connection with your audience. 

  • Share the story of your brand or business. Introduce yourself and your business. 
  • Share your why. Why did you start this business? What problem will your subscription box solve? 
  • Get personal. Let your audience get to know you in a way that is comfortable for you - this does not mean you have to share all the things. 


2. Share quotes or memes that align with your ideal customer.

Everything you post should speak to your ideal customer. If you’re not sure who that is, read this blog post for help identifying your ideal customer and how to speak to them. 



Your goal with these posts is to connect your business with your ideal customer. 

Quotes and memes are great for engagement. Choose quotes and memes that speak directly to your ideal customer and make them shareable. When your followers comment on or share your posts, it allows you to increase your reach and potentially gain followers. After all, many of your followers’ friends may also be your ideal customers. 



3. Ask questions.

People love to answer questions and give their opinions. Now that you know your ideal customer, ask questions related to what they’re thinking, feeling, and doing this month.  

Your goal with these posts is to engage your audience and get them talking in the comments. 



Every time someone comments, it pushes your post into their feed for their friends to see. Each of those friends is a potential customer. 



Fill in the blank questions work really well and get great engagement. Make sure you comment back! Facebook and Instagram will see this as a conversation and push it out into the algorithm. That means more of your followers will see it! 


4. Take them behind the scenes.

Let your audience take a peek behind the curtain of your business. Your work is fascinating to others. Truly. Sharing what you’re working on or what’s going on in your daily life makes great content. You can even share that you’re working on social media posts with a picture of you working at your computer! 



The possibilities of what you can share as you’re building your business or getting ready to launch are almost endless. 

  • Share your workspace. 
  • Share your shipping area. 
  • Share packaging choices. 
  • Share shopping for products. 
  • Share logo options. 


5. Share an opt-in or email sign-up.

Create an opt-in or lead magnet to attract your ideal customer. See this blog post where I share seven ideas for downloadable opt-ins. 

Your goal with these posts is to get people onto your email list or waitlist.  



6. Share a giveaway.

One of the first actions I want new members of Launch Your Box to take is setting up a giveaway. You don’t need to have your products in order to run a giveaway. Simply create a giveaway with items similar to what will be in your subscription box. It’s as easy as following the step-by-step giveaway training inside the Launch Your Box membership. 



Giveaways can really help you grow your following and your email list. Set one up and share it all over your social media!  


7. Share quick tips or advice. 

As yourself, what would make your ideal customer’s life easy? What problems are they seeking solutions for? 



The tip or advice doesn’t have to be about your product or subscription box. It can be a simple life hack you know they’ll love - and want to share with their friends. 


8. Give them a peek into the life of a small business owner. 

People are fascinated by the idea of owning their own business, yet most don’t understand all that goes into being a small business owner. 

These posts give you a chance to bring your audience into the world of small business owners. 



Use posts to:  

  • Let them know how to support small businesses. 
  • Highlight other small businesses. 
  • Share what it’s like being a small business owner - the good parts and the challenging parts. 



People want to buy from businesses, brands, and people they feel like they know. Letting them get to know your business and your role as the owner of a small business helps build these relationships and connections.  


9. Celebrate national days. 

Every day brings something to celebrate. It may be national pancake day or national knock-knock joke day or national talk like a pirate day. There is no end to silly, funny, or weird things to celebrate. Choose some your audience will relate to or find fun and post about them. 



Don’t forget to put October 9th on your calendar. It’s National Subscription Box Day! And that is absolutely worth celebrating. 



One thing I love about scheduling my posts inside Meta Business Suite is the national day reminders. They make it so easy to celebrate and conversate! 


10. Share content from another page. 

Is there a page you follow that you love? Something your ideal customers would also relate to? 

Share quotes or posts from their page as long as it relates to your products and your people. Again, this is another way to expand your reach. 



Now that you have TEN great post ideas to use to create content, you have no excuse not to post social media content consistently. Even if you aren’t selling anything yet, your social media posts can help you build your audience and engage your followers. Use those posts to get your people excited. When it’s time to launch your subscription box, they’ll be ready! 

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