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I talk a lot about the importance of audience building for subscription box owners. You have to build your audience in order to build your subscription box business.

One of the best ways to build your audience is through the use of short videos you record and use on Instagram stories and reels or on Tik Tok. These videos can also be turned into Facebook video ads. All of which help you build your audience.

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Today, I’m thrilled to have one of my biz besties - and someone who does short videos better than just about anyone - on to share her knowledge with us. Tamara Bennett of Southern Adornments Decor is here!

A lifelong crafter, Tamara turned in-home paint parties she hosted while her Marine husband was deployed into an incredible business where she teaches more than 1,000 women every month to paint online.

Tamara started recording Instagram stories more than four years ago. She continues to share stories with her followers but also uses Instagram reels and Tik Tok to grow her audience and make new connections.


Tamara explained the role each video type has in your audience building strategy:

Use stories to engage with your current followers. You want to go deeper with these people who have already said, “Yes, I want to know more about you.”

  • Take them behind the scenes.
  • Show them the making of your product.
  • Share details of your daily life with them.


Use reels to gather new customers. Your goal is to reach out and build a bigger community. Put out content that will attract your ideal customer.

  • Keep reels relatable - funny works!
  • Build a connection - give the viewer a “that’s just like my life” moment.
  • Invite the viewer into your world.


Tamara LOVES Tik Tok. And she’s really good at it. Tik Tok is a great way to get people to consume more of your video content quickly. Once a viewer likes one of your videos, they’re likely to consume more. The result? You’re able to build your Know-Like-Trust factor quickly.

Tik Tok is great for:

  • Behind the scenes
  • Packing a box
  • Product reveal
  • Answering audience questions on camera
  • Getting in on Tik Tok trends


You don’t need special video or audio equipment to do short video well. Tamara uses her phone - that’s it. She shares hints and tips about how to record videos as well as how easy it is to edit videos inside Instagram and Tik Tok.

Being on camera and going live can be intimidating. Short video is the perfect way to put yourself out there in a small way.

Tamara reminds us that we are here to serve. These videos aren’t about us. They’re about the people they will help!


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