Grow Your Audience by Repurposing Your Instagram Reels

blog social media strategies Aug 22, 2021

People spend a lot of time trying to figure out what the different online algorithms are looking for. What does Facebook want? Or Instagram? And does anyone know what the Google bots are looking for? The truth is - we’ll never know what’s really happening behind the scenes.

So when Instagram comes right out and tells us the kind of content it’s going to reward - and prioritize - we need to listen. And that’s just what Instagram did with Reels.

These pieces of “snackable content” are all the rage on Instagram. And I want you to take advantage of this trend and put IG Reels to work for you.

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Creating a Reel is just the beginning. After you’ve recorded, edited, and posted the Reel, it’s time to turn it into a video view ad - and an audience building machine.


Instagram Reels are an easy way to build your audience.

Reels are so hot right now! They’re super effective at getting people to stop the scroll and stay for a minute - up to a full minute, actually, since Instagram recently doubled the allowed length!

I feel like I need to say this next part again. Instagram is telling us they are prioritizing Reels. This means when you post a Reel, many people who see it aren’t your followers - yet. Make sure you invite them by including a CTA in every Reel.



I know it can be nerve-wracking to shoot videos and post them. But… with Reels you can record the video, edit, add effects, and - if you’re not happy with the result - try again. Keep in mind, though, perfection is not the goal - engagement is!

So many members of Launch Your Box are having a blast - and building their audiences - with reels. Make reels that are targeted to your audience. Mine is for people who want to start a subscription box. Some ideas to consider:

  • An unboxing
  • A collage featuring a selection of boxes
  • A peek behind the scenes on fulfillment day

Need some tips and a little encouragement? Check out this blog post for IG Reels tips from subscription box owners who are having a blast and getting great results from their own reels!



After you create and post your Instagram Reel, double (or more) its power by turning it into a Video View Ad.


Use video view ads for audience building and retargeting.

Follow these simple steps to create a Facebook video view ad.

  1. Create a Reel targeted to your audience - and don’t forget to have fun doing it!
  2. Download your Reel from Instagram.
  3. Upload the Reel to Facebook.
  4. Turn it into a video view ad.

Wondering about the return on investment for a video view ad? We’ve been getting 3 cent clicks on a recent video ad! I was thrilled with that number - and even more impressed when some of my industry friends reported 1-3 cent clicks on some of their ads.



Use video view ads to retarget your audience.

Video view ads perform well on their own. Use them to retarget your audience and make them even more powerful.

Retarget those people who viewed your video. If they took the time to watch your video, they’ve already told you they’re at least somewhat interested in what you do. Take the opportunity to make them even more interested! Provide more value to them. Invite them to like your page, follow you on Instagram, or visit your website.



Creating one piece of content - a single Reel - and using it for audience building on Instagram and Facebook needs to be part of your marketing strategy. Turn that cold audience into a warm one and create a pool of people to target during your next launch or event.

I can’t wait to see how you use Instagram Reels and video view ads to build your audience of raving fans!

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