10 Ways to Build Your List - Every Month | EP 109

email marketing podcast Feb 15, 2023


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What one thing can you do in your business every single day that would help you be the most successful? Work to build and grow your email list! 

If you’re not replenishing the pool of people you’re selling to, you won’t be able to grow your business the way you want to. Growing your email list gets new, fresh eyes on your stuff. It allows you to present your offer to new people. And that allows you to grow. 

One of my main goals for my business in 2023 is to double the size of my email list. I challenged the ladies in my Elevate Mastermind to make growing their lists one of their goals for 2023 and now I’m challenging you to do the same thing.  

List-building activities need to be at work in your business every day. I’m sharing ten different ways you can build your email list. And no, you don’t need to do all of them at once. 


Ten Ways You Can Build Your Email List

  1. Add a pop-up on your website - have a pop-up at work on your site at all times capturing email addresses. 
  2. Create an opt-in on your website with a way to serve your audience - give them more information about something (box opening with a freebie or additional information like a style guide, a free printable to go with your home decor box, a checklist to go with a beach themed box, tips about caring for your pet for a pet box, etc.) Think about the industry you’re in and what you can provide to serve your audience. 
  3. Run a giveaway - a great way to build your list when you’re new and as a quarterly list-building strategy for seasoned box owners. 
  4. Post a lead magnet on social media and run ads to it - pulling people in and onto your list. (ebooks, checklists, gift with purchase, etc.)   
  5. Add an email opt-in at checkout - capture people who buy from you but may not be on your list. 
  6. Create a fun quiz that requires an email address to get results - make it something your audience will want to share!  
  7. Offer a discount or free gift - use this carefully to prevent training people to only shop with you when there is a sale or a discount. 
  8. Host an event or workshop - free or low-dollar offer. Works great for DIYers or crafters. 
  9. Tease sneak peeks or exclusive behind the scenes content with opt-ins - early access gives feelings of fun and exclusivity. 
  10. Get in front of new audiences - collaborate with other brands, businesses, and influences who have the same customer but sell different items for a joint giveaway or a way to serve each other’s audiences. 


Note: Make it clear to people that they will be receiving emails from you when they provide their email addresses. 

Pick one thing to work on right now. Get that going and then add in another strategy. The more of these you do, the more people you’ll reach and the more people you’ll add to your email list. 

Join me for this episode where I challenge you to grow your business by growing your email list this year and give you 10 simple ways to do it!  

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