Are You Attracting the Right Customer?

blog social media strategies Jul 15, 2023

Learn how to audit your social media accounts to find out if your messaging is attracting your ideal customer.


What if I told you that you don’t need to have 100,000 followers in order to generate seven figures in revenue? Or that you don’t even need 50,000 followers to bring in that amount of sales and be profitable? 

It’s true. 

I used to be a little bit embarrassed about what I thought was my “lack” of social media followers. I’d say things like, “I only have 20,000 followers on Facebook and less than 10,000 on Instagram.” It was as if I was ashamed I didn’t have more “success” than that. 

It makes me sad to think I ever felt that way.

I may not have 100,000+ followers, but what I do have is pretty amazing.

You see, I’ve built a multi-million dollar subscription box business with these numbers. A business that’s grown and thrived through these years of a crazy economic climate. 




Along the way, I’ve learned that it’s not about having more followers. It’s about having the right ones. The ones who love what you do, align with your brand, and buy what you offer. If you’re wondering how to start a subscription box, start by attracting your right people. 

So how can you attract these “right” people for your subscription box? 

Let’s talk about that.


Auditing Your Social Media Accounts

One of the biggest mistakes I see when auditing Launch Your Box members’ social media pages is their messaging. 

If I looked at your social media account right now, without knowing you or your business, would I instantly know who you are for? 

If not, that’s a problem. 

You can’t attract the right customer if you’re not speaking to the right people. 

It’s actually shocking to see how many accounts I’ve looked at where I don’t have a clue about what the business owner sells and who they are trying to sell to. 

You know your business. You know who you want to serve and how. When you’re so close to what you’re doing, it can be hard to get a clear picture of how effective your messaging is.



I put together a quick, three-part social media audit so you can analyze what you’ve been doing and make the changes you need to start attracting your ideal customer.


1. Your cover photo.  

When someone visits your page, the first thing they see is your cover photo. Ask yourself if that photo alone, with no text or context, clearly communicates what you do and who you are trying to attract.


2. Your about section.

Does your About section include a clear, concise description of your business and information about your business including your website, email address, etc.?  

If you struggle with creating a clear description of your business, you might be all over the place with your offerings. That quickly becomes confusing for your customer and will actually turn people away vs. attracting them to your page.


3. Your last 10 posts. 

When I conduct a social media audit, I always scroll through the ten most recent posts. I ask myself four main questions:  

  • Are all these posts for the same person?  
  • Are the products featured in the posts for that person? 
  • Are the quotes, stories, gifs, or memes all for that person?  
  • Is the person who would like these 10 posts a person who would like my subscription box?

If a subscription box owner is struggling to build their audience or has a launch that falls flat, this social media audit usually identifies the issue quickly. 

It’s time to get clear on who you are for. If you aren’t sure, it’s time to dig deep into your why.



Who is your ideal customer? 

I teach the method I use to plan out my own subscription boxes in my free, on-demand workshop 6 in 60: Sarah’s Method for Curating 6 Subscription Boxes in 60 Minutes. If you haven’t taken it yet, make that the next step in your subscription box journey! 

The first step in the workshop - and the one we’re focusing on today - is to identify your ideal customer.

Your ideal customer is the person your subscription box is for, the person whose problem it solves.



I want you to come up with three-to-five words that describe your ideal customer. Answer these questions to help guide your thinking: 

  • Is your ideal customer a man or a woman? 
  • Is your ideal customer an adult or a child? 
  • Does your ideal customer have children? If so, what age(s) are they? 
  • What are your ideal customer’s hobbies?
  • What is your ideal customer a fan of? 
  • What is your ideal customer’s profession? 
  • How old is your ideal customer? 

Thinking through and answering these questions helps you start to develop a clear picture of the ideal customer for your subscription box. Take your time and put effort into getting really specific. 

When I go through this exercise and answer these questions, I know my ideal customer is a woman who typically lives in the South. She loves monograms and is usually a mom. My ideal customer is a busy woman who does for others before she does for herself. Answering these questions led me to my three-word description - Busy Southern Mom.



Getting to know your ideal customer makes every aspect of starting and launching your subscription box easier and more effective, including your messaging. 

Once you truly know who you are for and what matters to them, you’re able to speak to them in their language.

Learn from me:

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