How Are You Using Email to Make the Most of 4th Quarter Sales?

blog email marketing holiday mindset Nov 21, 2021

We’re more than halfway through the 4th quarter. And for those of us with online stores, brick-and-mortar shops, or subscription boxes, the 4th quarter is like the Super Bowl. It’s the biggest game of the year. Our chance to make some serious revenue. 

I know y’all are tired. I’m tired, too. And I know you feel overwhelmed by all the things. Me, too. But now is our time. Get your power naps in when you can, drink that extra cup of coffee, and let’s get to work. Because there are some things you can do - yes, even now - that will give your 4th quarter sales a major boost. 

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Today I want to talk to you about email marketing. I know, social media gets ALL the attention. And yes, posting engaging content - consistently - is important. Creating IG reels and TikTok videos - consistently - yep, important. But… your email list is a group of people who have already raised their hands and said, “Yes, I want to know more,” or even better, “Yes, I want to buy what you’re selling.” 

Your email list is a business asset. An asset that needs to be nurtured and engaged with - consistently. 


Email marketing content subscription box owners need to send. 

You should email your list once a week. Become a familiar name in your audience members’ inboxes. Provide value and serve through these emails. Then, when it is time to sell, they’re warm to your messaging and open to buying. 

Wondering what you can possibly talk about if you’re sending an email every week? There are five types of email content that subscription box owners need to send. Simply choose one each week, rotating through this list in a way that best serves your audience. 

  1. Email opt-ins and welcome sequences. 
  2. Newsletters. 
  3. Repurposing Facebook Lives. 
  4. Promote your blog posts. 
  5. Feature products for sale. 

Check out this blog post for more about how to provide value to your customers through weekly emails. 



Your 4th quarter email marketing must-dos.        

We talk a lot inside Launch Your Box about serving before you sell. Serve your audience, provide value to them, and THEN sell. 

The great thing about the 4th quarter is that you serve your audience BY SELLING. Everyone is looking for help choosing gifts for the people on their lists. They WANT to buy. This is the time to serve your audience by making it easy for them to buy from you. 

Put email marketing to work for you and use it to serve your customers well. Starting now, you need to: 


1. Increase the frequency of your emails. 

Instead of weekly, start sending emails 2-3 times per week. Remember, you are serving your customers by helping them solve a problem. Help them solve their gift-buying dilemmas by sending these timely, valuable emails. 


2. Make sure ALL your emails are product-focused.

Now is the time to sell! Your customers need your products - make sure you’re sharing the great items you have that are perfect for people on their lists. Serve by selling!  

Ideas for emails include: 

  • Bestseller of the week
  • Top 5 gifts for… people on your ideal customer’s list 
  • New products of the week
  • Restock alert if you’ve sold out of a popular item 


3. Focus each email on one product instead of a collection. 

Instead of giving them a selection of products to browse through, focus on ONE product per email. Eliminate decision fatigue and concentrate on selling that one product. 


4. Make every email about a product and how it is giftable. 

Each email needs to focus on a product’s giftability. Group a couple products together in a giftable, ready-to-wrap bundle. Offer giftable subscription boxes. Highlight who the gift is perfect for - is it just right for your customer’s mother, sister, child’s teacher, neighbor? Serve by selling. 

For more ideas about maximizing 4th quarter sales, listen to this episode of the Launch Your Box podcast. 


Use an opt-in to get people on your email list.  

In order to send these valuable, sales-generating emails, you need to have a healthy email list. You should always have things in place to grow your email list, whether through giveaways or joining the waitlist for your subscription box. 

Offering an opt-in is another effective way to get people on your list. You offer them something of value and, in return, they give you their email address. There are endless options when it comes to opt-ins, but some that work well with subscription box audiences include: 

  1. Phone wallpaper 
  2. Checklists
  3. DIY tutorials
  4. Art prints
  5. Cheatsheets/resource lists
  6. Infographics
  7. Coupons 



Make this 4th quarter one that delivers sales to your business and serves your audience. Put these email marketing strategies to work for you. This is our time - let’s make the most of it!  

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