Grow Your E-Commerce Business With Email Marketing

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Grow Your E-Commerce Business With Email Marketing


If you follow my FB Page for subscription box entrepreneurs, you may have already heard my interview with Susan Bradley of The Social Sales Girls. We talked about how I used email marketing to scale my local business into what it is today. There are so many useful nuggets, and we discussed way more than basic email marketing, but I wanted to share a few highlights from this podcast that you may have missed.

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You may be thinking, "Why email marketing? With so many ways to communicate with our customers, isn't social media enough?"

In short, no! Email marketing is just as relevant as ever. Not only does it build loyalty and trust in your brand, but it also has the best return on investment. Let me share with you what email marketing has done for my business. 


Using Email Marketing Grow My E-Commerce Business And Increase Sales


When I first started my brick-and-mortar store years ago, I had little social media following and no email list. As my business grew locally, I knew I needed to reach beyond my local area to scale my business. The only way to broaden my reach was to take it online.



I started with a bi-weekly newsletter. It was similar to a blog since I didn't have one of those yet. I would mention a few items from my store, and then I noticed that those items would outsell all my other products. 

My newsletter graduated to a product email that highlighted a few items because that is what my followers responded to. By this point, I had been consistently creating FB LIVE content (Check out my blog all about What To Post On Your Business Social Media Page HERE), and I began to recycle those into emails.

I only had my Monogram Box subscription online at first, but as I grew my audience online and increased my reach with email marketing, my online store continued to grow. Eventually, I added an online store and three more subscription services! 



By the time I decided it was time to be serious about email marketing, I had about 1600 email subscribers, and now, 18 months later, I have 27,000! 

I have spent the time nurturing my email list, and now this is my warmest audience.


Meet Your Customers Where They Gather Information 


As a small business, you want to use multiple forms of communication to spread your message. This way, you can reach different people no matter where they go to get their information. 

I know. The thought of coming up with even more content can feel like a daunting task, but you don't need NEW content all the time. 

I used five basic email types to help me get started with creating email marketing content. 


5 Types of Email Marketing Content


1) Email Opt-Ins/Welcome Sequence

To jump-start and grow your email list, use opt-ins. Digital downloads, coupons, or resource lists are all great examples. Remember to stay in line with your brand. 

My products inspire women to treat themselves, and I often include inspirational quotes in my subscriptions that fit the box theme. I turn those prints into digital downloads and offer them to all my followers. 

You can deliver your download in a Welcome Sequence. This can simply be one email expressing thanks for signing up for the newsletter, or a series of emails leading into a sale.


2) Newsletters

Newsletters are for keeping your customers informed about what you have going on behind the scenes, or to announce an upcoming event.  

They are a great way to stay in touch when just starting your email strategy and keep a small audience warm for when you are ready to send other types of emails. Show your personality and make it something you would want to read.


3) Repurpose FB Lives

You will hear me say it a million times... Repurpose your content! You don't have to create new material for all your emails. Keep it easy by recycling social media content. 

I started by taking my weekly 'Friday Faves' Facebook LIVE and turning it into an email. This looks like a brief walkthrough of the highlights, a few images with links to some of the products I mentioned, and link the FB LIVE to increase those views. 

Including the video allows my customers to see my products "in person."


4) Blog Announcements

New blog announcements don't have to be long emails. Keep them short, sweet, and personal. Share why you wrote your new blog with a short story and add your personality to build trust with your customers.

Blog announcement emails can be combined with the newsletter information to create one weekly email if you are just dipping your toe in; however, try to avoid bundling everything into lengthy emails. No one will read through it all, and you run the risk of affecting your open rates.


5) Product Sales

Product sales emails are a simple email for e-commerce businesses. Include a new or high stock product with just a couple coordinating items and some catchy copy. 



Scale  With Your Business 


I was able to use these simple content ideas to jump-start by email marketing. But I will be honest, as my business grew, my head was spinning. I didn't have a solid strategy to support the growth. That is why I joined Susan Bradleys Inner Circle.

Inside this group, I have learned Who I should be emailing, Why, and When. Together we developed a full strategy that I implemented immediately. 

Not only did I see massive growth in my e-commerce business, but having an outlined plan to follow made the process of email marketing so much less stressful.

You can listen to my full interview with Susan HERE. If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, learn more about Susan Bradley's Inner Circle HERE. You won't regret it!


Start With A Simple Email Marketing Strategy That You Will Stick With


My best advice for any small business is just to get started! 

Keep your audience engaged by creating content they are interested in reading. With every email you send, pay attention to what's working and adjust your strategy as you go. 

Build a simple email marketing strategy that you will actually follow. Start small. Don't try to do all the things at once.  

Pick one or a few of the email types that you know you can be consistent with, write a plan in your calendar, and get started!





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