Curate Demand to Create a Unique Subscription Box Experience - Interview with Stacey Collins | Episode 10

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This week I’m joined by Stacey Collins, owner of Wilshire Collections and founder of the Décor at your Door Seasonal Subscription box to talk about what release schedule works best for your box? Deciding how many boxes and how frequently you want to release them not only can help you manage your growth but can also fit into the VIP experience you want to create with your members.

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What Subscription Fits Your Box Idea? 


While we mostly talk about starting off on a monthly subscription schedule, it might not always be the best fit for your idea. Stacey started out sending the Décor at your Door box in one-off sales per season to fit with what she was most well-known for: seasonal decoration. “So, I thought, let's try a Spring box, a Summer box, a Fall box, and a Christmas box. And I was selling those just as a one-off not as a true subscription at that time.”

 Keeping the same seasonal schedule when she did transition to a subscription allowed Stacey to maintain the same experience her members appreciated about her business. When considering what would be best for your idea, consider not only what you can reasonably take on, but also what might fit with the aesthetic of your business.


 Curate Demand to Create a Unique Experience 


The great thing about subscription boxes is how every part of them can be tailored to make a more exclusive experience for your members. Everything from the box, the packing, the wrapping, and everything inside can make for that VIP experience, and when the box arrives is no different. Remember to listen to what your customers love about your box, and don’t be afraid to try something new to make their experience memorable.


“I knew that my ladies wanted this. If you know that you have a good idea, that your customers want this, don't overthink it. Do it and you're going to figure out the rest.” - Stacey


You can find Stacey and her Décor at your Door box at Or visit her on Facebook and Instagram too.  

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