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Do you run your business from your phone like me?? Sure, I love to work on the computer, but being able to do almost EVERYTHING from my phone makes it super convenient and easy to handle things on the go!

I've compiled all my favorite business apps for you!

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Must-Have Mobile Apps for Business


Photo/Image Editor Apps

We take most of our images from our phones, why not edit them right there too!

Lightroom- the first thing I do with my photos is edit them in lightroom.  Color, light cropping, oh my!  This app does it all.
iWatermark- after Lightroom, I add my watermark with this handy little app.  The last thing I want is my images stolen and used all over the internet.  I protect them with a little watermark with my logo.


Graphic Design Apps for Business

Need a collage?  This is my go-to for group pics together and telling the whole story in one image.
Canva- If you are in business you probably know about Canva.  I love the desktop version more than the app, but if I need a quick graphic or what to make a quote image, I can do that while I am waiting in line at the grocery store.


Social Media Mobile Apps for Business

Most of us social media apps on our phones.  it's so easy to post, comment, share from wherever you are using the apps. 

Facebook- it's ridiculous how much time I spend on this one! 
FB Business Suite- This is the FB app I use the most.  I can schedule events, create ads, manage messages and so much more.
FB Ads Manager- This app is super handy when you want to check in on your ads.  How much are you spending, analyze your results, and make quick decisions!?
Instagram- I love posting on IG from my phone. You can tag your products and publish right to FB as well from the app!
Pinterest- I use the Pinterest app, not for publishing but for inspiration.  When I just need some fresh ideas, looking for a color palette, or developing a concept for my. next box.
TikTok- Business Tik Tok accounts are popping up every day.  If you don't have one, it's an easy way to get comfortable with quick videos.


Product/Market Apps for Business

Having apps dedicated to product sourcing is a great way to start your search and make connections.
Atlanta Market and/or DMC (Dallas Market Center)-I go to these 2 markets several times a year, having their app on my phone allows me to find certain vendors and look for new ones.
Alibaba or AliExpress- If you are on either of these sites, you know the search can be endless.  When working on a new box, I love just being able to scroll and save things to my "favorites."
Faire- is another one I use on my phone.  It's so easy to search and buy products right from the app.


Communication Mobile Apps for Business

Gmail- GSuite is the best!  I have my team members set up and can create multiple boxes with my domain.  The best part, I can manage all of it from my phone.
FB Messenger- It's one of those FB apps we love and hate, but so important for easy communication.
Voxer- this app is my go-to app for communicating quick things with my remote team.  It's similar to a walkie-talkie where one person talks then the other listens.  Don't get caught on lengthy phone calls when you can communicate in your own voice via Voxer.
WhatsApp- This is a great app to communicate with international team members, vendors, manufacturers, etc.
Community- is my absolute favorite SMS tool.  I love the 2-way text abilities and it's all in one place.  I also love the ability to use this app on my computer to be able to type quicker when I am responding to a lot of texts.

Banking Apps

Paypal- Manage invoices, pay contractors and affiliates, and check balances right from your phone.
Banking App (yours)- My banking apps are super important, I check balances daily and transfer money from accounts as needed.

File Sharing and Organizations Apps for Business

Dropbox- If you aren't using Dropbox...I don't know what to say.  I import photos, documents, and anything regarding my business to my dropbox folders.  Having the app on your phone allows you instant access to anything you need.
Notes- I love the notes app.  I house links in there, can scan documents, type longer social media posts up in there before posting, make to-do lists while I am sitting at soccer practice, the things I use this app for are endless.
Trello- I love having my Trello app.  We use Trello inside of Launch Your Box as a way to manage all the pieces of our subscriptions.  Being able to add notes to that whenever and wherever you are is awesome!

Website Apps for Business

Kajabi- This app allows you to pull up all the training inside LYB without getting on the computer.  Training on the go!
Shopify- it never gets old hearing the cha-ching on my phone!  Whether I am checking sales for the day, new orders coming in, or adjusting inventory on the fly.

Shipping Apps for Business

Shipstation Mobile- ever wish you had access to a customer's tracking number without powering up your computer?  Shipstation mobile is the answer.  
My top tips for managing apps on your phone:
  • Turn all your notifications off.  
  • Group them in folders for easy access.
  • Use the search tool on your phone to find the app.




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