Why You Need a Dedicated Sales Page for Your Subscription Box

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Discover the difference between a product page and a sales page and why you need a dedicated sales page for your subscription box business.


Do you need a product page and a sale s page first your subscription box? Yes. 


Product pages and sales pages have two different purposes. A product page is a simple page with a short description of your subscription box that lets someone subscribe or check out. 

A sales page is a landing page that is specifically designed to promote and sell your subscription box to potential subscribers. 

It goes into a lot more detail because it needs to. A sales page is where you get the chance to tell the story of your subscription box, to show off past boxes, to share the features and benefits, and to “brag” through subscriber testimonials. 



A sales page carries a heavy load. But, if done well, it delivers in the form of subscribers. 

So yes, you need both. Before you start building your sales page, it’s important to understand the goal of a subscription box sales page and how to meet that goal. 


What is the goal of your subscription box sales page?    

The goal of your sales page is to sell visitors to that page on your subscription box. It’s not simply to tell them a little bit about the subscription box. 

That’s not going to get the job done. 

Your sales page needs to convert people who come to your website into subscribers. 

You need to give them a compelling reason to subscribe, to convince them your subscription solves a problem or meets a need in their lives. 

A product page will not convert like a sales page. 



It can’t because it doesn’t have all the components that make a sales page a valuable marketing tool in your subscription box business. 

I go into more detail inside the Launch Your Box training library. If you’re a Launch Your Box member, make sure you check out the “Components of a High Converting Sales Page” in the Marketing Tactics & Strategies module. 

A dedicated sales page accomplishes five things a product page does not. 


1. Focused promotion 

Your subscription box sales page has one focus. It’s only about your subscription box. There are no other distractions. 

Your sales page is your opportunity to convey the value subscribers get from your subscription. To show them the features and benefits and tell them why they should subscribe. 



2. Conversion optimization  

Your sales page has one job. One focus. By having a dedicated sales page, you’re eliminating any distractions from a visitor’s experience. You’re guiding them to ONE call to action (CTA) - to sign up for your subscription. This makes them more likely to become subscribers. 


3. Clear communication   

A dedicated sales page gives you space to address your audience’s pain points. And showcase your subscription box as a solution to those pain points. 

Your messaging needs to speak directly to your ideal customer in their language. Help them feel seen and understood through your clearly communicated message. 


4. Credibility and trust   

I’ve talked about it many times. People want to buy from people and brands they trust. They want to feel connected to and understood by the people they do business with. This is especially true when talking about something like a subscription box where subscribers enter into a long-term commitment with you. 

A dedicated sales page allows you to build your know, like, and trust factor by including content that showcases your authority as well as providing testimonials and social proof. 



5. Measurable results   

It’s so important to know and understand your numbers. A dedicated sales page allows you to track your marketing efforts, digging into traffic and conversion numbers at every step. 


Get help with your sales page. 

We talk a lot about not letting tech stop your progress. Not letting tech be the thing that holds you back. If building your sales page is holding you back, it might be time to get some help. 

Inside Launch Your Box, we have two fabulous women who provide tech support - answering questions, doing LIVE trainings, and working with members one-on-one. One of those tech experts designed sales page templates to make it super simple for you to design your own sales page. Learn more and grab your templates HERE



Subscription box owners spend so much time planning and curating their subscription boxes. They tackle the tech, figure out the best ways to pack and ship, and get consistent with audience building efforts. Remember, the end goal is to get people to subscribe to your amazing subscription box. And a dedicated sales page is an essential part of meeting that goal! 

There is SO MUCH more to learn inside Launch Your Box about starting, launching, and growing your subscription box. An entire lesson inside the training library is dedicated to high-converting sales pages. We’d love to have you join us!

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