Top 5 Mindset Beliefs for Subscription Box Success

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Top 5 Mindset Beliefs for Subscription Box Success

Your mindset determines whether or not you reach your goals for your business. Discover five mindset beliefs key to growing your subscription box business.

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I recently launched my subscription box, The Monogram Box™. I gained hundreds of new subscribers! But before - and even during - the launch, I found myself right back in self-doubt mode. Questions swirled in my brain:

  • Can I still do this?  
  • Can I do this in front of my Launch Your Box students? I invited them to follow along and watch me launch my subscription box. 
  • Was I capable and worthy? 

Even at this stage of my business - more than seven years into running my 7-figure subscription box business - I have doubts. We all have doubts, at every stage. It’s one of the biggest challenges to overcome - and keep overcoming - as an entrepreneur. 

When you’re still learning how to start a subscription box, it can be easy to feel like you’re the only one having these doubts. The only one feeling like you’re not worthy or not capable. It can be easy to let those feelings stop you. 

I want you to remember that you are not alone. I still feel this way about every new and scary thing I do. I’ve done a lot of new and scary things over the past couple of years. I relaunched my subscription box - twice. I started a Mastermind. And I wrote a book.



Every time I started one of these new things, I was nervous. I was scared. I wondered if I could do it. If I was even worthy of doing it. But every time, things turned out better than I could have imagined. 

Yes, there was a LOT of hard work. And yes, there was frustration when things didn’t go as planned. And yes, sometimes there were even tears and too many bowls of ice cream. But I did it. Every time. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, have a 7-figure business, or are somewhere in between. Mindset can stop you in your tracks at any point along the way. The secret is not to let it. 

Your mindset can be one of your biggest assets. 

Let’s break down my Top 5 Mindset Beliefs that can turn your mindset into an entrepreneurial superpower.


Believe in abundance

My definition of abundance is simply “a very large quantity of something.” 

When I talk about having a mindset of abundance in business, I’m talking about believing there is more than enough business for everyone. There are more than enough customers for everyone. 

Even people in the same space. 

One of the biggest mindset blocks I see among subscription box owners is the thought that if someone else is doing it, I can’t. So many people who dream of starting a subscription box business get discouraged and stop before they get started when they find out someone else had the same idea. 

It doesn’t matter if someone else has a subscription box similar to yours.



There are billions of people in the world and your customer isn’t exactly the same as someone else’s customer. We are defined by where we live, our style, our interests, and more. 

Did you know there are people in my Launch Your Box membership who have boxes just like mine? And I’m helping them grow their businesses. 

Why would I do that? 

It’s because I see them as my community, not my competition. I know there is enough business for all of us and room for all of us to succeed. I believe in abundance.  

Do you believe in abundance? Your customers are out there waiting to buy what you have to offer.


Embrace imperfections

We all have imperfections. It’s what makes us human. But our minds like to tell us our imperfections are flaws, which makes us see them as negative.

If we can shift our mindset, we can view our imperfections as what makes us unique. Rather than seeing them as flaws, those imperfections make us special. They make us stand out from the crowd. 

I know this isn’t easy. I’ve shared how hard it was for me to accept myself as the face of my brand and to go LIVE on Facebook and Instagram. 

But the things I saw as imperfections - the reasons I thought I wasn’t “good enough?” Those were exactly the reasons my audience came to ME. Exactly the reasons they related to me.  Click here to read the blog post where I share this story.



You know yourself that people who appear “too perfect” seem less relatable and less approachable. 

Your audience - the people who are right for you - will love you because of those things that make you who you are. 

Those are the things that help you build the Know-Like-Trust factor that is so important to your business.


See your glass as half full

Some people are naturally optimistic - seeing the good in almost any situation. I don’t mean being blind to problems or challenges, but choosing to focus on what’s going right instead of what’s going wrong. 

Others can only see the single dark cloud in an otherwise sunny sky. Nothing’s ever good enough - and there’s always a reason to say, “Yes, but…” 

A glass-half-full mindset is so important to your business. 

If you walk around looking at your glass as half empty, you’ll struggle to see your wins. You won’t notice the small successes that add up to move your business forward. 

When you shift your mindset and start seeing your business as half full, you’ll recognize small wins for the accomplishments they are. 

Each small win moves you closer to your goal. 


When you see your glass as half empty:

  • Nothing is good enough. 
  • You’re always disappointed. 
  • You’re blind to the positive things about your business. 

When you see your glass as half full:

  • You see the small wins. 
  • You celebrate those small wins. 
  • You’re motivated to keep going. 


It’s okay to want more. 

I want more. As entrepreneurs, we all want more. It’s part of the entrepreneurial spirit - the drive and ambition that naturally make us strive for more. 

Just make sure wanting more and striving for more doesn’t stop you from seeing and celebrating all the wins along the way. Before you know it, your glass will be full.



Show gratitude and humility

Gratitude and humility go hand in hand. Both are important mindsets for success and happiness in life and business.



Having a mindset of gratitude means simply being grateful for what you have rather than always looking at what you don’t have. We all know people who compare their houses, cars, clothes, or vacations to other people’s and end up feeling dissatisfied or jealous. The same happens in business. 

You can always find someone with more followers, higher revenue, or more customers. 

Take time to be grateful for where you are in your business - right now. Even if you’re not where you want to be. You’ll never be in this same place again. Be grateful for the lessons you’re learning and the successes and challenges of where you are right now.




We’re all works in progress. It’s important not to take yourself too seriously or put yourself ahead of others. Continue to work on yourself. I want you to celebrate your successes and embrace your imperfections. But I also want you to continue to strive to be better and do better in life and in business. 

I know you have more to learn because there is ALWAYS more to learn. That’s true no matter what level of success you’ve reached in your business. 

I learn something new every day and discover something else I need to learn every day. 

When you have a downturn in your business - and you will - look back with gratitude and humility. Recognize there is still more to learn and more room to grow. 

A mindset of gratitude and humility means being grateful for where you are, what you’ve been given, and all you’ve learned. It also means being humble about where you’re headed.


Welcome Growth

Growth can be scary. 

If you are in the early stages of your subscription box business, that might sound strange to you. Growth is what you’re working so hard to achieve. It’s what you’re dreaming of. 

Still, when it happens, growth can be scary. It can bring up feelings of unworthiness. Something inside us whispers that we’re not worthy, not capable of this new level of success. 

One way to quiet this voice is to shift to a mindset of growth. Remind yourself that you ARE worthy of anything that comes your way. 

Listen to Episode 16 of the Launch Your Box podcast and find out how Launch Your Box member Cheryl Ham handled her subscription box business’s growth as she quickly grew to 700 subscribers!



I’ve had these feelings of unworthiness. I’ve doubted myself. My business grew quickly. More quickly than I expected. And I found myself wondering what I did to deserve this success. I felt unworthy and wondered why it was happening to me. 

I shared these feelings of doubt with my mentor Stu McLaren. He told me, “It’s not happening to you, it’s happening for you.” He helped me see the large growth in my business as something I deserved and was ready for. 

Things will happen FOR you. 

When your business starts to grow, there is a reason you’re experiencing that growth. A reason you’re experiencing success. 

What is that reason? It probably means your mindset is on point in the first four areas we talked about. 

  • You believe in abundance. 
  • You embrace your imperfections. 
  • You see your glass as half full. 
  • You are filled with gratitude and humility. 

Embrace the growth in your business and know it is happening for a reason. It’s okay if you don’t yet understand what that reason is. You’ll figure it out… and continue to grow.



Your mindset can be your superpower or the thing that holds you back. Remind yourself of these 5 Mindset Beliefs - practice them until they become part of you. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people all working toward the same goals helps. Launch Your Box is a community that will encourage you, inspire you, and give you a nudge (or gentle kick in the pants) when you need it.

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