Tips for Creating Gift Subscription Box Offers

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Gifting a subscription box is the perfect way to show someone you are thinking about them all year long. It's so much more personal than just a gift certificate to their favorite store. But, with so many different themed boxes out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Over the years, I have learned a few things to help take some of that pressure off the buyer and simplify creating gift subscription box offers so you can get yours started and stand out from the crowd.

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Check out my top 5 tips for creating an exclusive Gift Subscription offer.


1. Urgency & Scarcity

Just like our monthly subscriptions, this offer has to be limited. We have to give people a reason to buy now. If we don't, we run the risk of "I'll buy it later" syndrome. You all know that later never happens.



I love creating these gift box offers around the holidays. It's the perfect Black Friday promotion or even the week before Christmas when people are in panic mode. It doesn't have to be just Christmas though, think about Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Father's Day. These are huge gift giving holidays as well.

Either pick a short time frame for sales or limit the quantity to X number of subscriptions.


2. Make it a One-time Purchase

The last thing you need is Sally calling you telling her she didn't get her monthly box and needing to explain to her that her Aunt June's payment failed and that's why it was never sent. You don't need to be in the middle of family drama!

Set up a gift subscription to be a one time purchase. The gift-giver will purchase a 6 or 12-month subscription for their loved one and pay the full amount upfront.

They will be relieved it's done, and their loved ones will get a gift from them every single month without having to think about it.


3. Monthly Shipping

If your customer is paying for 6 months at a time, make sure you include 6 months of shipping fees as well. You don't want to be out the cost of all the shipping just because we set this up as a one time purchase.


4. Make it a No-Brainer Offer

Give them a reason to make the large purchase instead of the monthly. What's the benefit?



A few ideas for exclusive offers:

  • You could give them free shipping, that's a great offer for the life of their gift subscription.
  • How about a bonus gift in their first box.  
  • My favorite is giving them free months, such as buy 5 months get the 6th free, or buy 10 months, get 2 free.

These offers will turn monthly buyers into yearly buyers easily.


5. Send a Card

Make sure you are sending the recipient a card or certificate indicating they've received a gift subscription from your company. You want to include details on when the first box will arrive, what to expect, the length of the subscription, and a note from the buyer.

This will also give you an opportunity to invite them to your social media accounts if they don't already follow you. Make it fun. It's your first impression!



The best part about providing a gift subscription is that it is simple. It's easy to create and set up as a one-time product offering on your site. You don't even need to pack and ship stuff right away. We always start the first box in January, which helps us determine how much product we need and have it ready to go. And because you've made a no brainer offer, it's an easy deal, hard for anyone to pass up!


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