I've Launched My Subscription Box... Now What?

blog marketing Feb 18, 2024

Discover four things you need to do after you’ve launched your subscription box to retain your subscribers and gain new ones. 

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SO much goes into launching your subscription box. From audience building to figuring out all the tech to sourcing products, shipping, and fulfillment, it’s a lot. And when you get to - and through - your first launch, it feels like you’ve crossed the finish line. 

And you have… sort of. Because the launch isn’t the end. It’s actually a sort of beginning. There’s a lot that needs to happen once you’ve launched your subscription box. 

Take time to celebrate your launch. It is a huge accomplishment and you have so much to be proud of. 



After the launch is when you shift your focus to retaining subscribers and growing your subscription box business. Let’s talk about four things you need to do after you’ve launched your subscription box. 


Engage subscribers and non-subscribers with monthly box reveals. 

Subscription box audiences LOVE unboxing videos. 

Monthly unboxings are the perfect opportunity for you to engage with both subscribers and non-subscribers. 

Subscribers will feel special - part of an exclusive community. And non-subscribers? Well, it’s the perfect way to show them just what they’re missing out on. And we all know how powerful FOMO can be! 

Monthly unboxing videos aren’t hard to do, but following a few simple steps will help you make the most of your time. 

  • Encourage engagement early - get active with and in the comments right away. 
  • State your hook - viewers decide quickly whether to stay with you or keep scrolling. 
  • Tell the story of your box - share your inspiration or what makes this box unique. 
  • Engage with subscribers - get excited to see them!
  • Show off all the things - share each item and how all the items coordinate or can be used together. 
  • Include a call to action - tell them what you want them to do! 

Check out this blog post for even more about how to create a great unboxing video. 



Encourage subscribers to consume the contents of the subscription box.

Most of our subscriptions arrive monthly. That means every month our subscribers receive a carefully curated box filled with items they love. 

But… If they don’t consume those items, they will start to pile up. And when items start to pile up and go unused, there’s a very real chance subscribers will cancel. 

What can you do? 

Create content that encourages subscribers to consume the contents of the box. 

During your unboxing, through email, in social posts and videos - show them how to use the items inside the box. 

When subscribers consume the contents of their subscription box, they’re more than ready when the next box arrives! 



Share subscriber stories with your audience. 

You can - and should - talk about your subscription box a lot. Consistently promoting your subscription box is an essential part of your marketing plan. 

And yes, your emails, posts, stories, reels, and LIVEs are great ways to connect with your audience. To build excitement, urgency, and scarcity. To get them excited about the possibility of becoming a subscriber. 

But do you know what can be even more powerful? 

Sharing subscriber stories. Those emails, texts, and DMs you get from subscribers telling you how much they LOVED this month’s box. Those social media posts subscribers make and tag you in. 

Social proof is SO valuable. When you get those testimonials and stories from your subscribers, make the most of them by sharing them!  


Focus on continued growth with a waitlist nurture sequence.

A waitlist is a HUGE part of your pre-launch strategy. After all, your waitlist is where you collect the people who’ve raised their hands and said, “Yes, I want to learn more about your subscription box.” They are your warmest leads, the people most likely to convert when you do launch. 



Listen to episode 149 of the Launch Your Box Podcast to learn more about my Waitlist Strategy! 

There is also a brand-new, comprehensive Pre-Launch module inside Launch Your Box that goes DEEP into the Waitlist Strategy. The strategy that - when implemented - can increase launch conversions by up to 80%! 

Your waitlist isn’t only for collecting people before you launch. 

It’s also a very important part of the continued growth of your subscription box. Use a waitlist between launches if you have a closed cart model or any time you are sold out. 

Once you collect these people, it’s important to nurture them. Create an email sequence where you’re making contact regularly. Provide value, build connections, and serve. 

When it’s time for another launch or when you need to fill spots due to cancellations, those waitlist members will be warm and ready to subscribe!  



Launching your subscription box is a huge accomplishment. It should be celebrated. But it’s not the end. In many ways, it’s the true beginning of your subscription box business. And everything you do after the launch is focused on continuing to grow your subscribers, allowing you to build a thriving, sustainable business! 

There is SO MUCH more to learn inside Launch Your Box about what comes after the launch. We’d love to have you join us!

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