How to Introduce Your Subscription Box to Your Audience

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Discover how to get “unstuck” and make progress toward launching your subscription box - starting with introducing it to your audience.


I spend my days teaching business owners how to start a subscription box. Inside my coaching membership, Launch Your Box, I teach people how to start, launch, and grow their subscription box businesses. I can - and sometimes do - talk about subscription boxes all day long. I LOVE this industry and love seeing how it can transform the businesses - and lives - of subscription box owners. 

If you’ve listened to the Launch Your Box podcast, you’ve heard me interview amazing subscription box owners who have successful subscription box businesses. These (mostly) women take what I teach and put it into action. They make progress toward their goals and then - one by one - smash those goals.



There are other members who get “stuck” along the way. Who are great at learning, but not great at implementing what they’ve learned. Something holds them back.


What’s holding you back? 

I see this often inside Launch Your Box. Members who have great products that their customers love. Or members with ideas for amazing boxes their audiences are ready for. And because they’re members of Launch Your Box, they’ve seen so many others start, launch, and grow their own subscription boxes. 

So why haven’t they taken action on their subscription box dreams? Three big reasons. Self-doubt, indecision, and social media. 

SO MANY women I talk to inside and outside my membership struggle with self-doubt. They doubt themselves and their ability to make this subscription box dream a reality. 

It’s important to realize that nearly everyone feels like this sometimes. I know I did.



Other members get stuck when they’re unable to decide what kind of box to offer their audiences. They have a general idea but haven’t gotten specific enough with their plans.  

Still others find social media engagement to be a challenge. They may struggle to be consistent on social media and therefore don’t get the engagement they need. 

No matter what is holding you back, there is a solution. 

The good news? None of the solutions are hard. They do require taking action and committing to being consistent and making progress. 

Follow my practical advice and action steps to move you toward the launch of your subscription box.


Re-engage your audience. 

Maybe you used to post consistently on your social media pages, but you’ve fallen out of the habit. Whether you struggle to find time to post or struggle with what to post, now is the time to reengage.  

If you’ve been inconsistent or even absent on social media, use this 30-day challenge to re-engage your audience. During those 30 days:

  • Go LIVE once a week. 
  • Post consistently - at least once a day. 
  • Record short videos.

 Your audience needs to connect with you. 




When you go LIVE, I want you to show off your products and talk about your subscription box. I also want you to tell stories and let your audience get to know you. When you’re trying to engage with your audience, letting them get to know you on a personal level - to the extent you’re comfortable - is so important. Talk about your life, funny things that happen, your family, etc. 

If you’re planning to launch a subscription box, but aren’t sure what it’s going to look like, get your audience involved. 

You can create a post with a scroll-stopping, creative image to do just that. The post itself should say something like, “I’m thinking of starting a subscription box, and I’m so excited about it…” Then, ask your audience to weigh in about what they’d like to see in the box. 

Send this same info to your email list and ask them to hit reply and give you their opinions, too! Creating engagement like this starts to build relationships and feelings of being part of something. 

Your audience will love being involved in the planning stages and you’ll get valuable information about what they want!


Plan six months’ worth of boxes. 

Indecision is a major part of what holds so many subscription box hopefuls back. They can’t decide what they want to put in their subscription boxes which means they can’t move forward.




Once you engage with your audience and get their feedback about what they want to see, it’s time to start planning. Use the same method I use to plan my subscription boxes by taking my FREE 6 in 60 Workshop. You’ll plan six months’ worth of boxes in only an hour. 

Once you have planned those first six boxes, you will feel more confident talking to your audience about your subscription box. Your audience will feel your confidence and enthusiasm which will get them more excited and engaged!


Choose a launch date. 

It’s important to choose a launch date and work toward it. Without a specific date, it’s too easy to continue to put things off and not make progress.  

If you have an existing audience, put that 30-day social media plan into place to engage them, choose a date that’s not too far in the future, and commit to working toward that date. If you don’t have an audience yet, dedicate the next 90 days to audience building and set a launch date after those 90 days.   



Engage your audience, plan boxes with your ideal customer in mind, and choose a launch date to work toward. No matter what is holding you back from realizing your subscription box dreams, I hope you are inspired to take action. 

Let’s take the next step toward your subscription box dreams. I’m rooting for you!

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