Four Simple Steps To Gain Your First 1000 Facebook Followers | EP 154

podcast social media strategies Mar 20, 2024

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Starting a Facebook business page from scratch is hard. Even growing an existing page can feel hard. But it’s a critical part of audience building. You create great content your ideal customer will love. And you want your ideal customer - lots of your ideal customers - to see it. That means gaining more followers. 

When I started my page, How to Start a Subscription Box, in early 2020. I knew who my ideal customer was. What I didn’t know was how I was going to get them to like my page. I spent six months spinning my wheels and not gaining a ton of followers. At the end of those six months, I took a step back and took a close look at what I was doing. And what I wasn’t doing. Then I came up with an action plan to get to 1000 followers before the end of the year. 

Getting to 1000 followers is possible. In this episode, I’m sharing four things you can do to reach - and pass - that 1000 follower mark.

  1. Post regularly. 
    • Consistency is key. If you want to build an audience, you have to post consistently.
    • Create a content plan - it takes the guesswork out of posting and lets your audience know what to expect. 
    • What should you post? 
      • Share pictures of YOU.
      • Share quotes or memes that align with your ideal customer.
      • Ask questions.
      • Take your audience behind the scenes.
      • Share an opt-in or email sign-up.
      • Share a giveaway.
      • Share quick tips or advice.
      • Give your audience a peek into the life of a small business owner.
      • Celebrate national days.
      • Share content from another page.
    • Don’t forget to come back and engage in your posts. Create conversations with followers and engage in the comments.
  2. Provide content that encourages people to follow.
    • Create a variety of post types along with eye-catching graphics that “stop the scroll.” 
      • Ask questions - to engage followers and build community. 
      • Share blog posts - to reinforce your brand message and provide value. 
      • Post quick tips - to create brand trust and keep an open dialog where all are welcome to participate. 
      • Share subscriber wins - to allow followers to relate to and see themselves in those posts.
    • Reach NEW potential followers by creating content that encourages shares.
  3. Create video content.
    • Facebook favors Live content. That means more people will see your content and hear your message.
  4. Run Facebook Page Like Ads.
    • Page Like ads are simple ads that link to your Facebook business page with a CTA to like your page. The goal of these ads is simply to gain followers. These are great for new and established business owners. 

I called these “4 Simple Steps to Gain Your First 1000 Facebook Followers.” Nothing I’ve recommended is complicated or difficult. Following these 4 steps helped me reach 1000 followers on my business Facebook page. Continuing to follow them led to reaching - and passing - 10,000 followers in less than two years. Let Facebook work for you! 

Join me for this episode where I share a simple, 4-part action plan for gaining your first 1,000 Facebook followers. 

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