All About Packaging - Subscription Box Tips | Episode 6

packaging podcast Mar 08, 2021

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You have an idea for a subscription box, you have the items that are going in it, but what is the box going to look like? When your members get your box in the mail, how the box looks is going to make just as much as an impression as the items you’ve curated inside of it. Your box is your message carried across the country, almost like a traveling billboard.

Let’s explore a few ways you can make the most impression with your box right out the gate.

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Custom Decorated Box vs Basic Box (with a twist)

If we had all the money we needed to get started, we could create a custom branded box on the first launch. But if you’re like me, the money that would be needed to create a custom box was better spent on what came inside the box for my members. I started with a plain brown craft box that I would stamp my logo on.

A custom stamp can be very cost-effective and is something that can be used over and over again with just a little bit of ink. Another idea is using custom tape to seal your box, something that you’re going to be doing anyway to send it out, so why not make it work for you!

Use those custom stamps, tapes, and stickers to dress up your box and make it unique to you. I do want you to remember, don’t go too overboard or else you could end up spending the same you would on a custom box, and if that’s the case you might as well spend the money on that. But with moderation, a little bit can go a long way.


Things to Consider: Box Sizes and Quantities

The higher the quantity of box that you can order at a time, the better the price is going to be. Keep in mind too that from month to month, you’ll have different items going out, so different size boxes make more sense than one size. 

One size does not fit all: it’s very important to make your boxes feel full for your members, and if your items don’t fill up the box the more packing, you’ll have to use.

There are also shipping costs that come into play if you’re sending a box that has open space inside, so smaller boxes not only work better for your product but can also save you money.

Maybe a box doesn’t make sense for what you’re sending out? Don’t be afraid to use poly mailers as well, which you can also dress up with stamps and tape. At the beginning, being cost-effective is going to help with your success as much as anything else.


Up-level As You Grow

Remember, we’re building a business and we’re in it for the long haul. In the beginning, you’ll do what you need to do to get off the ground and at the beginning a basic box makes the most sense. But commit yourself to up-leveling your packaging as you grow. Set goals for yourself in number of subscriptions or revenue when you can start working on a custom box that can help you send your message across the country!

If you want to learn more about packaging I have a few more resources for you! You can read more about Branding Basic Boxes HERE and Basics About Subscription Box Packaging HERE. Also, make sure to grab my Packaging Cheat Sheet!

I can’t wait to see your custom packaging!

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