Crushing It on Instagram with One Simple Strategy | EP 93

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“Record everything!” - Betsy Goodman


I’m so excited to have Launch Your Box member Betsy Goodman of B Goods Lettering back on the podcast! Betsy was here just about a year ago when she was in the middle of launching her subscription box. A lot has changed since then and Betsy is here today to teach all of us - including me - about one simple thing she did to crush it on Instagram.  

Betsy started lettering in 2017. After attending a workshop and having her eyes opened to the possibilities of lettering, Betsy was hooked! She fell in love with all things lettering and started teaching in person and online lettering classes. 

Betsy loved the practical applications of lettering and decided to start teaching with an end product in mind instead of just practicing for the sake of practicing. She took this practical approach and turned it into a quarterly subscription box that teaches subscribers lettering while they create something they can use or gift. She launched The Lettering Box in the fall of 2021 with 18 subscribers. A year later, her subscription box has grown to 118 subscribers! 

I keep up with my students and check in on their social media from time to time. I did this with Betsy a while ago and was intrigued by what I saw. In a time where everyone is struggling with engagement and growing audiences on social media, Betsy was crushing it on Instagram. Her secret? Her content is exclusively videos. No static posts. None. 

Betsy’s videos are beautiful. The majority are very short. Many are simply snippets of her lettering or creating wax seals. Betsy’s face does not appear in her videos - instead, they are focused on what she is creating. Some of these videos get attention in the form of thousands of views and likes. Betsy has even had videos go viral. 

Don’t think all your videos need to be carefully curated. Betsy’s best advice is to record everything, even if you think it’s boring. Record yourself packing your boxes or making something. People LOVE getting a peek behind the scenes. 

After Betsy gave ME some tips to use in making videos for my own business, we talked about what’s next for her. We brainstormed and came up with some great ways to increase her revenue based on what her audience is asking for. 

Join me for this episode as Betsy shares how her video-exclusive strategy has allowed her to be so successful on Instagram and how you can apply her strategy to your own business. 

If you missed Betsy’s first time on the podcast, listen to episode 39



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