Subscription Box Launch Tips with The Lettering Box | Episode 39

interviews launch podcast Oct 13, 2021



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Have you ever wanted to sit in on a one-on-one subscription box coaching session?

Well, you’re in luck. Today’s episode is an interview with Besty Goodman of B Goods Lettering - a Launch Your Box member who was in the middle of launching her subscription box when we talked.

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Betsy has an existing stationery and wax seal shop and also teaches hand lettering online and through local workshops. She got the idea for a subscription box last year when she realized the ongoing practice her hand-lettering students needed would be more fun if they had actual projects to complete instead of just the standard practice sheets. She tried a one-time Valentine box and it was a success.

Betsy decided to start a subscription box, joined Launch Your Box, and made it happen.

Three days into her launch, Betsy posted a question inside our private Launch Your Box Facebook group. She’d had 10 people subscribe so far and wanted to know how to keep the momentum going. I could have just answered her question inside the group. Instead, I invited her onto the podcast for an impromptu coaching session!

Betsy was already doing a number of things right - she’d built up a waitlist that she continued to drive people to and had done a giveaway. She posted regularly on Instagram - driving people to her waitlist with posts teasing about her box.

There was more Betsy could do, however. And that’s what I talked to her about.


1) Be visible.

If you’re a subscription box owner, include the link to your business in your personal profile. Let the people in your life know about your business. They already know, like, and trust you. Chances are, some of them are your ideal customers, or have friends who are.


2) Ramp up how often you go LIVE.

Betsy had done one Facebook Live. That’s not enough. I know it can be tough to go Live - it was for me at first. But it’s so important!


3) Share your story.

Tell your audience why you started your business. Then share your customers’ stories - what your box means to them.


4) Show the product - make it personal.

For Betsy, I suggested demonstrating her lettering skill during a Live. She can make it personal by lettering the names of the people who show up for the Live. This creates a feeling of inclusivity and FOMO for those catching the replay later.


5) Offer a sign-up bonus.

Successful launches need to create three feelings in buyers: urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity. Offering a sign-up bonus with an expiration gives people a reason to sign up NOW!


There is so much goodness in this episode. You're going to want to take notes as you listen - the things I coach Betsy on apply to any subscription box launch.

I can’t wait to hear the results of Betsy’s launch and to watch her audience - and her subscribers - grow!


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