30 Days on Cratejoy : Cratejoy 90 Day Review

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It's been 30 days since I initially set up my subscription box in a Cratejoy listing and I want to give a quick update and share my thoughts.

Reminder: I sent ZERO traffic to my Cratejoy listing and did not post that link anywhere. It was simply a test on how user-friendly the setup was and how to manage your subscriptions from there.

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30 Day Conversion Rate on Cratejoy

30 views in the last 30 days from Cratejoy, 1 new subscriber.

E-commerce conversion rates average 1-3%. So this makes total sense that I would get 1 subscriber from 30 views.

Shipping a Subscription Box with Cratejoy

Shipping was easy.

I had to purchase "Shipping Credits" and the minimum was $25. From there I simply clicked a few buttons and my shipping label was ready.

What was interesting was I had to then manually mark it as shipped...seemed odd that there would be another step after generating the shipping label. So don't forget to do this so your customer receives their tracking info.

I suppose this would be a nice way to preprint your labels without the customer thinking it is already on its way.

Drive Traffic to your Subscription Box

The biggest lesson is you HAVE to drive traffic to your box.

That's on you and you can't rely on another platform to do it for you because they are already getting traffic.

Check out everything you need to post on your social media page to help drive traffic HERE.

Consistent awareness and excitement are key to having sales. People aren't just going to stumble across your box, you have to send them there.

Build your audience. Nurture your audience. Send your audience to your site.

Would I recommend Cratejoy to subscription box owners? Yes.

Tech is the #1 barrier for new businesses. If you can just have a place to send traffic to get sales, it's 100% worth it to get on this platform.

Do I still believe in having your own subscription box site on Shopify or WooCommerce> Yes.

There is nothing better than owning your site and sending traffic there. Not 11.25% fees to pay Cratejoy.

I say over and over again. Start with where you are at, do what you can.

If you cannot afford to have a site built, or tech-savvy enough to do it yourself, Cratejoy is an excellent option, but you HAVE to send traffic there.

This risk is once you send your customer to Cratejoy...they have lots of options to spend their money elsewhere.

We will continue the test.

I'm anxious to see if I get any feedback from my one subscriber when she receives her subscription in a few days.

Check back for our 90-day Cratejoy review. Will I have more than one? Will that one still be a subscriber? What other takeaways will I have?

 ️💗 Sarah


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