Why You Should Start a T-Shirt Subscription | EP 133

podcast Sep 13, 2023

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I have a t-shirt subscription. Actually, I have two successful (and very profitable) t-shirt subscriptions: my T-Shirt Club and Tees 4 Teachers. And I’m not the only one growing thriving t-shirt subscriptions. LOTS of members of Launch Your Box are finding huge success with their own t-shirt subscriptions. With all this t-shirt subscription talk, you might be wondering if starting a t-shirt subscription is right for you. 

In this episode, I’m sharing six reasons why you should consider starting a t-shirt subscription.  

  1. A T-shirt subscription has low start-up costs compared to other products.
    • T-shirts range from $2-$7. 
    • Printing can be done in-house or outsourced. 
    • There is no need for expensive boxes - t-shirts can be shipped in poly mailers. 
  2. T-shirts are a wardrobe staple. 
    • Everyone wears t-shirts. 
    • T-shirts are consumable - they are used (worn) for a while and then replaced. 
    • T-shirts can be dressed up or worn casually. 
  3. T-shirt subscriptions can be seasonal/holiday/theme-based.  
    • Any niche can have a t-shirt subscription. Launch Your Box member t-shirt subscriptions include: 
      • Career-focused tees
      • Inspirational/self-care tees
      • Tees for artists/crafters
      • Snarky tees
      • Animal/pet-themed tees
  4. T-shirt subscriptions provide recurring revenue and recurring brand exposure.  
    • A t-shirt subscription is a consistent source of recurring revenue.  
    • A t-shirt subscription can provide opportunities for recurring brand exposure. 
      • Add your label or brand to every design. 
      • Build customer loyalty and commitment by consistently delivering quality t-shirts and designs. 
  5. T-shirt subscriptions foster a sense of community which can result in: 
    • Increased loyalty
    • Higher engagement
    • Higher lifetime value (LTV) and retention rates
  6. T-shirt subscriptions are more affordable and accessible than many other subscriptions. 

A t-shirt subscription can be a successful, standalone subscription. It can also be a complement to your existing subscription box. Mine started as a complement to my Monogram Box when my subscribers asked for more t-shirts! 

I’ve seen great success with my own t-shirt subscriptions and have helped SO MANY members of Launch Your Box build thriving t-shirt subscriptions. 

I’m well-known for my extensive knowledge of all things t-shirt. So much so that my students and peers have been asking for a standalone t-shirt subscription course for quite a while. My team and I have spent the last several months working on this course. How to Start a T-Shirt Subscription covers everything you need to know in 12 video lessons full of actionable steps, worksheets, and special bonuses. It’s the perfect way to get all your t-shirt subscription questions answered and get your t-shirt subscription started NOW! 

Learn more about How to Start a T-Shirt Subscription

Join me for this episode as I share my own t-shirt subscription experience and all the reasons you should start a t-shirt subscription.

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