Lean Into Your Best Selling Products and Create a One Thing of the Month Subscription | EP 77

podcast Jul 06, 2022


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On today’s episode, I’m joined by Launch Your Box member and dog mom times eight, Rhonda Conces. 

Yes, I said eight! A true, dedicated lover of all things dog, Rhonda has eight pups of her own who help inspire her subscription box every month. 

Rhonda is the CEO and Founder of Monogramme No. 29. Her business was not initially focused on dogs. In fact, her first career was as a labor and delivery nurse. When an injury sidelined Rhonda, she turned to her love of crafting and soon found herself selling monogrammed items. Monogrammed pajamas became her best seller, especially with brides and bridal parties. 

When 2020 hit and the bridal industry shut down, Rhonda needed to pivot. She decided to focus on another customer favorite - personalized dog bandanas. Rhonda loved making them, her customers loved buying them, and their dogs looked too cute for words in them. Soon, Rhonda decided to offer her bandanas as a monthly subscription and Posh Puppies was born. 

Rhonda found and joined Launch Your Box a couple months after she launched her subscription and quickly soaked in as much knowledge as possible. She is a fantastic student and makes sure she does all the things in order to grow her business. 

Rhonda launched with 40 members in February of 2021 and now has 330 monthly subscribers! The recurring revenue her subscription brings into her business has changed her business and her life. So much is possible for Rhonda now, all because she leaned into one thing. 

Join me for this episode as Rhonda and I talk about why you should consider leaning into what your customers love and the many benefits of offering a one thing of the month subscription.


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