Using Text Marketing to Connect with Subscribers

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I spend a lot of time talking and teaching about audience building here in the blog, on my podcast, and inside Launch Your Box. Why? Because building your audience is just that important.

When you’re getting started in your subscription box business – audience building needs to be your top priority.

You can’t have a successful launch if you don’t have anyone to launch too!

And once your subscription box has launched and is out in the world, growing that subscriber base means growing your audience.

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I talk about a lot of different ways you can build your audience. Being active on social media, going Live on your Facebook page, emailing your list. What do they all have in common? The purpose of each is to connect and engage. To make people feel like they are part of your community.

Text marketing is one of my favorite ways to build these connections and to engage with my subscribers and customers.

Text marketing is quick, it’s easy, and it works.

People are on their phones all the time. And opening and reading a text takes less time and effort than opening and reading an email.

If connecting with and growing your audience is on your to-do list – and it needs to be – read on for more about why and how I use text marketing in my subscription box business.



What SMS provider should you use?

First, let’s talk about SMS providers. There are many options and all have different features and levels of service. When I got started with text marketing, Community was the obvious choice. I started with them and have been super happy with the capabilities and service they provide.

Community offers:


Two-way Texting

When I got started with SMS, Community was the only two-way text platform on the market. I knew I wanted my customers to be able to reply to me so it felt like we were having a conversation.

Klaviyo now also offers two-way texting. This could be another good option to look into.


User-friendly App

I love the app that comes with Community! It gives me great functionality and saves me a ton of time. All of my text messages are held in the app. The app makes it super easy to text from my phone or my laptop.


Unlimited Texts

With Community, I pay one flat fee. I can text as many people as I want as many times as I want for that one price. Most providers charge a fee per text. I knew I wanted to make the most of text marketing, so this unlimited feature was really important to me.

Community even allows me to send targeted texts. When it’s time for my subscription boxes to ship, I text those customers who live in my area to let them know when they can come by the Warehouse to pick up their boxes. I love being able to send messages to specific groups of my customers.



When should I use text marketing?

There are times when sending an email is the right choice. Or posting on social media or even going Live on Facebook. But there are also times when sending a text is the most effective way to talk to your audience.


When I Go Live

I send a text every time I go Live on my Facebook page. I see a HUGE jump in viewers the minute I send out that text. People are busy – they need a reminder. Once they know you’re there waiting for them, they’re more likely to hop on and join you.


To Offer Early Access

The people on my text list are my biggest fans. I like to reward their loyalty by giving them early access to special offers. They’re the first to know about new products or collections. Sometimes I’ll even let them know about a sale that’s just for them.


When I have a Quick Call to Action

  • Announcing a sale.
  • Getting on a Live.
  • Sending a coupon.


To Build Connections

  • “Have you received your box yet?
  • Send me a picture!”
  • Sending happy birthday messages (Community requires a birthday to register).
  • Getting on a Live.





How can I get people to subscribe?

Building your text list is just like building your email list. You need to give people a reason to join your list. They need to see that this is a benefit to them. You’re inviting them even further into your world and your community – make it seem special.

What can you give people in exchange for their phone numbers?

People consider their phone numbers to be more valuable than their email addresses. Offering them a coupon or first access to a product or sale acts like an opt-in you use to capture emails.

Some ways I’ve gotten audience members to share their phone numbers:


1) “Text You Back”

When I was getting started with text marketing, I let my audience know that if they texted me that night, I would text them back. In exchange for their number, I gave them my time and a personal connection.

I expected about 50-100 people to text me. Surprise – I got 300 texts! I spent the evening on my couch texting back all 300 people.

Why was this successful?

  • It gave people a reason to text me in that moment – they knew they had to text me that night in order to receive a response.
  • It created a personal connection – what we all crave.


2) Going “Live” Reminder

Every time I go Live, I remind my audience that they can receive a text reminder before my next Live. This creates that “inner circle” feeling of belonging. Again, my audience is getting that personal connection.



Every once in a while, I’ll put out a tease on my page about a new product or subscription box. A simple message like, “I just got something new in for the shop - want to see what it is? Text me to be the first to know.” This generates FOMO and encourages people to “get in on the secret.”


Text marketing needs to be part of your marketing and audience building strategies. It’s an amazing tool and a great way to build connections and relationships with your subscribers. Use it to surprise and delight them.


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