Supersizing Your Audience with Video View Ads | EP 83

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“Social media is a place to find our people, gather them up, and then focus only on them.” - Susan Bradley. 


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My biz bestie Susan Bradley of The Social Sales Girls joined me for today’s episode to talk all things video view ads. Susan shared how using video and supplementing the organic reach you get with video with some ad dollars is the fastest, most effective way to grow a great big, warm audience of people without spending a lot of money.  

Facebook and Instagram ads don’t work like they used to. Costs have gone up and the ROI has changed. The way you use Facebook and Instagram ads needs to change, too. Instead of running ads to directly sell, you need to run ads to collect people to retarget and nurture them. Then you’ll sell to them. 

Videos, especially short videos, are how we reach “non-followers,” those people who would be interested in what we offer but who aren’t yet part of our world. With video ads, you’re taking what’s already working for you on Instagram and Facebook and amplifying it by putting a few dollars a day of ad spend behind it. 

Join me for this episode as Susan shares so much valuable information about why and how to use video view ads to grow a warm audience and the two things you need to measure to determine if those ads are working. There has never been a better opportunity to find our people and Susan is here to show us how. 

Susan’s Ads Made Easy Coaching Week starts August 21st! Sign up HERE. 


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