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interviews podcast scaling Jan 18, 2023


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I have a special episode for you today! Cheryl Ham is a long-time member of Launch Your Box, an OG member of Scale Your Box, and the founder of the wildly successful Yarnable subscription box. She’s here today to catch us up on all that’s happened in her business since her last visit to the podcast almost two years ago. 

Cheryl’s business started as more of a hobby. She had a full-time career and a love for all things knitting and yarn, especially hand-dyed yarn. She became an independent yarn dyer with no formal training and no business training. Cheryl launched her subscription in 2019 but struggled to grow. Then she found and joined Launch Your Box. 

When Cheryl launched again, following the teachings inside Launch Your Box, she doubled the size of her business within days. And it just kept growing. It exploded, really. Cheryl’s next launch saw her gain 400 subscribers in only 24 hours. She blew past the 1,000 subscriber mark and ended that launch at 1,100 subscribers!  

Cheryl’s challenge quickly became how to manage the incredible growth of her business. How to scale in a way that was manageable. She needed to hire and she needed space - badly. But it took so much of her time and effort just to keep up with her subscriptions that she couldn’t seem to make the changes that needed to be made. This is right about the time Cheryl joined the beta version of my Scale Your Box course. She knew she needed help - and she knew where to go to get it! 

I’m happy and Cheryl’s happy to share that she did make those necessary changes. Cheryl now has a team of people working with her - and that team makes it possible for her to work only four days a week and to end those days by 2:30 in the afternoon. Oh, and they’re doing all this work in a new space. A space that allows them to be efficient. 

Cheryl shared the challenges and opportunities of 2021 and the very different challenges and opportunities of 2022. She and her family have moved into their dream house and are living their dream life, so much of which is thanks to Cheryl’s subscription box business. 

Cheryl credits Scale Your Box with helping her see which pieces of her business strategy were lacking, how to beef them up, and how all the moving parts need to work together as she scales! Cheryl is joining me again this year for another round of Scale Your Box and I can’t wait to see where she’s going to take her business next! 

Join me for this episode as Cheryl shares her journey, the ups and downs of amazing business growth, and why she’s coming back for another round of Scale Your Box. 

Catch the early parts of Cheryl’s story on episode 16 of the Launch Your Box podcast. 


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