Quit Being Extreme & Start Being Consistent with Cotton Chaos | EP 165

interviews podcast Jul 10, 2024

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“Just do it. If you really want it, you’ll make it work.” - Andrea 

Two busy moms with six kids between them became best friends, bought a Cricut machine to start making custom t-shirts, and now have more than 800 monthly subscribers to their T-Shirt Club. Of course, there’s a little more to the story than that! If you’re feeling stuck in your subscription box journey, this episode will inspire you. 

Andrea and Whitney became friends in 2018, decided they needed a hobby and bought that Cricut machine, and in 2019, Cotton Chaos was born. The business was a side hustle as both women were still working full-time jobs and doing all the things moms of three busy kids do. There were a LOT of late nights. 

Whitney and Andrea saw an opportunity to take things to the next level when a local screen printing company became available. They bought the company and started selling to local and online customers.  

Before long, they decided to start a subscription box, launching in January of 2021. Their goal for the launch was 30 subscribers and they actually got 50! This launch was before they found me and Launch Your Box and, in their words, they “did it all wrong.” 

When Andrea and Whitney joined Launch Your Box, they also joined Scale Your Box, my higher-level membership for subscription box owners who want to scale. Their goal was to get to 100 subscribers. 

By following what they learned inside Scale Your Box, they quickly reached 100 subscribers. Their next milestone was 300 subscribers which they reached during their next launch. The next year brought another goal and another launch - 500 subscribers. 

How did they do it? How did they grow so quickly? 

  • They followed the plan. 
  • They implemented what they learned as they went. 
  • They stayed consistent. 

There’s no need to be extreme. There’s no need to be someone other than who you are. Andrea and Whitney are super consistent on social media - they’ve connected with their audience by letting them see who they are and who they’re for. 

This rapid growth did come with challenges. Namely cash flow. When you grow really quickly and need to buy more and more product, there can come a point where you need to slow down to let your profit catch up.  

Andrea and Whitney decided to take this time to focus on their current subscribers. I call it “loving on them.” They deepened connections with their subscribers, turning them into loyal, raving fans. They found that those current subscribers started buying more one-off products - every week! So even though they weren’t launching to gain more subscribers, they were seeing growth in non-subscription sales from that same group! 

They also implemented even more of what they learned in Scale Your Box. They focused on using lead magnets to build their email list and running ads consistently. 

This past spring, Andrea and Whitney were ready to launch again. And all their audience-building efforts meant they had new people to launch to! They followed the 5-day launch plan I teach inside Launch Your Box and they brought in new affiliates. 

So how did the launch go? It was their biggest one yet, bringing them over the 800 subscriber mark! And they know that by following the launch plan the way they did, they have everything they need to rinse and repeat for the next launch! 

You don’t need to know what your business will look like in 5 years. Just concentrate on what’s the next thing and what’s one step you can take to make it happen. That’s what Andrea and Whitney have done and continue to do. And it’s how you’ll make progress toward reaching - and surpassing - your subscription box goals.  

Join me for this episode and learn how this duo went from 50 to more than 800 subscribers by being themselves, creating a plan, and never giving up… even when things got hard. Get ready to be inspired! 


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