One Year Later - An Update from a Past Guest One Year After Her Subscription Box Launch | EP 86

interviews podcast Sep 07, 2022


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Launch Your Box member Amanda Stucky of Mandy Lynn Plans joined me for today’s episode to catch us up on what’s been happening since her last visit almost exactly one year ago. You might remember Amanda from episode 33 where we talked about audience building and the incredible response she had to her launch despite having a small audience of only 600 people. Amanda has gone from strength to strength over this past year and continues to grow. 

Amanda’s early success was due in no small part to her dedication to serving her audience. She went deep into the planner niche, producing stickers and planner accessories for the specific planner she loves using, the Hobonichi. She found an audience of people just like her, connected with them, and sold them one-off products. Soon, they were begging her for a subscription box. That’s right, they asked her to add a subscription box to her business. Amanda continues to focus on the needs and wants of her audience, expanding her product lines and adding a one-thing-of-the-month box to her offerings. 

Another exciting development came when Amanda’s husband was able to quit his full-time job to work full-time in Mandy Lynn Plans. He brings tech skills that allow Amanda to produce more designs and a larger variety of designs quickly. This arrangement also means more family time with their young children. 

As a subscription box business grows, at some point every subscription box owner needs to hire. This can be a big hurdle, worrying about who to hire and what to have them do. Amanda was no different. When she did hire, she started with one part-time employee and slowly added to her team as needed. She learned lessons along the way that all subscription box owners can learn from: 

  • Start with one job/responsibility and let your team member (and you) get comfortable with that before adding more. 
  • Don’t worry about keeping them busy - you’ll find more than enough tasks they can help with. 
  • Hiring takes things off your plate that hinder your creativity. Adding team members allows for time and space to create which results in a better product. 
  • The first hire more than doubles what you can produce. 

Hiring team members, bringing her husband home to work in the business, maintaining her connection to her audience, and focusing on serving them have led to a year of significant growth in subscription numbers and one-time sales. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings! 

Join me for this episode as Amanda shares what happens in the year after the launch of a subscription box. She talks about serving her audience, giving them what they want, and how hiring team members has helped her business - and her creativity - grow. 


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