Small Audience, No Problem! How Amanda Built 100+ Subscribers from an Audience of 600 | Episode 33

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One of my favorite things that I’ve learned since starting the Launch Your Box group is how many unique kinds of subscription boxes are out there. This week I’m talking to Amanda Stucky, founder of the Mandy Lynn Plans Box, and her box is all about stickers made especially for Hobonichi Planners.

What are Hobonichi Planners, you ask? That’s the same question I had coming into this week’s podcast, and Amanda was more than gracious enough to share with me what her niche was and how she started out the gate with 100 subscribers!

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The Riches are In the Niches


If you’re not in the know yet, Hobonichi Planners are a specific kind of planner from Japan that can be specialized by their owners in tons of different ways. Amanda is part of a community of creators who customize their planners and got her start on Youtube showing off her works. The seed of her subscription box was born when she started modifying stickers to fit in her planner:


“I found this hobo Nietzsche, and I was watching all these planner videos of people using their stickers, but I couldn't find anybody using stickers and a Hobonichi cousin (planner). So, what I would do is I would take the stickers made for the Erin Condren (planner) and I would put them on my planner, and I would use an exacto-knife and a ruler and slice off the piece that I didn't like so it fit perfectly.”


This is exactly what I mean by “riches in the niches.” Amanda was able to build an audience of 600 followers, 100 of which have been subscribers to her M.L.P box from launch, just off of creating stickers for a certain kind of life planner! She has been so successful that her husband quit his job as an engineer to help her out!


“My husband has a lot of the behind-the-scenes work, and it means, first, that he won't have to work as many nights and weekends. He's been very involved with the business from the very beginning. And so, we're going to get our family time back. And that means a lot.”


Amanda and her family were able to change their lives over stickers! If that isn’t inspiration to get out there and start your own subscription box, well then I’ll just keep on bringing you more stories and tips and tricks every week anyway!


You can find Amanda and the Mandy Lynn Plans box at her Youtube channel at: or 


💗 Sarah

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