It’s more than just a box - creating a curated experience with The Literary Book Club | EP 64

interviews podcast Apr 06, 2022



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A subscription box is so much more than just “stuff in a box.” 

I teach this inside Launch Your Box every day. I’ve talked about it on this very podcast. And I LOVE watching subscription box owners take what they’ve learned and turn it into amazing experiences for their subscribers. 

I invited Katie onto the podcast to talk about her subscription box journey and what inspired her to curate a truly incredible experience for the book-loving subscribers of her Literary Book Club Box.   

The Literary Book Club Box is not Katie’s first subscription box. She came to Launch Your Box to learn how to launch a monthly box related to her eCommerce stationery and sticker business. Katie soaked up all the training, launched, and grew that subscription box to 100 subscribers. In other words, it was a success!  

But it wasn’t her passion. Books - classic books specifically - are Katie’s passion. Because she was curious and because she’s a self-proclaimed “book nerd,” Katie started ordering book subscription boxes. And every time one arrived, she was disappointed. Inside she would find a book and some “cheap junk” that kind of related to the book. Nothing about those boxes was special.

Katie knew she could do it better. A LOT better. And it turns out… Katie was right. She niched down to classic books - because like I always say, the riches are in the niches. Katie carefully selects the books for her boxes - beautifully bound, collectible-quality editions of classic books. 

But Katie doesn’t just send her subscribers a beautiful book. The book is just the beginning. Katie’s subscription box guides her subscribers through the actual reading of the book. She curates special “gifts” for her subscribers to open at certain points in the book. These gifts are beautifully packaged and make the reading of the book a true experience. 

Katie’s subscribers LOVE what she’s doing and her subscription box continues to grow. She currently has more than 230 subscribers anxiously waiting for their next box! 

Join me for this episode as Katie takes us through her subscription box journey, talking about turning a passion project into a successful business and why creating an incredible experience for your subscribers matters.   


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